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_DaBaBaDoook_ questionable accuracy 8 months ago

i'm not making a thread on the report section... this is just a doubtful post of a "clean player"
i mean... really...? is this normal to you guys?

i know a lot of good tank drivers that can farm every server they join very easy... but this guy is just ridiculous

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lShely linked account 10 months ago

this player is 
linked to:

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plugin not working? 11 months ago

hey... my plugin is partially working and idk why
the API key is valid and the plugin is running
[06:19:17 61] [BF4DB] OnVersion179586 BF4
[06:19:17 96] [BF4DB] API key is valid for imheretoreport
[06:19:17 96] [BF4DB] Plugin Enabled!
[06:19:17 97] [BF4DB] Adkats found and running!

but when i use !check on my server the plugin says:
[BF4DB] No player name matches (*playernamehere*)
and i also noticed that some banned users were able to play on my server with auto bans/cheat annoucements enabled

this guy played 3 rounds on my server when the plugin was running.
i already tried deleting the server and generating a new api key but it didnt work... any solutions?

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GonorreiaTripla 11 months ago
i'd like a review on this player.
his stats are not "out of normal" but he is very strange.
first i'd like to point out a few weird things about him.
i banned him lately from my server for very suspicious gameplay, i wasnt able to record him in the act of using a no recoil/no spread or maybe aimbot because everytime my admins and i join to spectate him, he would switch playing from assault and start playing as recon using a sniper rifle.
his recoil/spread are not normal. i've seen this dude hit every single shot on a full squad i was in and kill every single one of us in less than 2 seconds with a light machine gun (MG4) using the following loadout: 
M145 [3.4X]  /   laser sight /  heavy barrel / no underbarreL
another fun fact that indicates he is using aimbot with some sort of no recoil and maybe no spread is because of his incredible low headshot percentage ratio for someone who plays op locker mostly.
we all know that headshots happens by accident in most of the cases, but look at this guys stats...
take look at these... he must be very skilled to hold that famas recoil and have 0 headshots in 100+ kills don't you think?
that looks like a body/upper chest/chest aimbot for me.
i asked him for gameplay footage and he denied to show me any kind of proof that he is legit, so i'm going to keep him banned as long as he provides me a footage of him replicating that 100+ kills with 0 headshots.
vFafLDF.png famas loadout he achieved 100+ kills with no headshots.
i know its not much evidence but i do not want this guy fooling around. he's been banned from my server and since then he did not show up on that account again, my guess is he's using a secundary account.
i'd like to request a linked account check if the veredict of this report is that he is not clean.

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higgh iq right there 1 year ago

i can totally report a player for "linked account" on his profile without inserting a battlereport link, right?DMBWPYr.png

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... ???????? 1 year ago
why did you set this player as "clean" if he was bnanned by punkbuster???

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Information 2 years ago


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