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Last Revised: 07/03/2017

These player ban terms ("Terms") apply to your access and use of Bf4DB, http://bf4db.com, third-party game servers, and the BF4DB Procon plugin (the "Service"). Please read them carefully.


If you access or use the Service, it means you agree to be bound by all of the terms below. If you join a game server that is protected by our Service, knowingly or un-knowingly, you agree to be bound by all of the terms below. So, before you use the Service, please read all of the terms. If you don't agree to all of the terms below, please do not use the Service. Also, if a term does not make sense to you, please let us know by contacting an admin.


Players, not user accounts, banned by BF4DB will be subject to removal or other restrictions on BF4DB's or thirdy-party game servers that are protected by our Service. The server owner has the right to restrict your gameplay for that server.


In order for a player ban to be made by BF4DB, the following conditions must be met by the reporting party or the player:

  • Linked Player Accounts by IP:
    • Screenshot of both player's current or past IPs or linked accounts from a third party;
    • Dynamic IPs will be considered on a case to case basis;
    • Multiple accounts with a linked ban within a shared household IP will be considered on a case to case basis - players risk being banned regardless;
  • Stat Evidence:
    • Stat based bans will be considered on a case to case basis - any bans based specifically on stats must be detailed by the admin;
    • Abnormal ACC (accuracy);
    • Abnormal HSKR (head shot kill ratio);
    • Abnormal DMG (damage per hit);
  • Round Evidence:
    • Abnormal stats for that round;
    • Abnormal spotting ribbons per round;
    • No weapon based kills, magic bullet;
    • Indication of pick-ups used in a round unavailable to that specific map;
  • Video Evidence:
    • All submitted videos used as evidence must be uneditted for two consecutive minutes per scene;
    • Any video with blatant cheating ,aimbotting, damage mod, or spot-hack can be passed for ban without redundancy;
    • ESP / Wall-Hacking will be difficult to detect, so multiple admins might have to review these videos carefully;
    • Any time-stamps needed to be marked must be noted in the report;
  • Punkbuster Screenshot Evidence:
    • The image provided must be the original unedited image from the server it was taken on;
    • Submissions must be clear of any defects, artifacts, or edits;
  • Third Party Evidence:
    • Existing accounts on any script / cheat sites are considered circumstancial evidence and not fundamentally bannable;
    • Past Punkuster / PBBans / GGC / Fair Fight bans will be considered concurrent; i.e., any BF4, BF1, and future iterations of Battlefield bans will be considered active;
    • Any ACI links must be privately messaged to admins and not used as a public report; no ACI screenshots or stream lists will be allowed to be posted;
      • Any Static IP Links to banned accounts will be considered on a case-to-case basis;
      • Any Dynamic IP Links to banned accounts will be considered on case-to-case basis;
    • VAC bans will be considered on a case to case basis;
    • Third party bans (i.e., Clans / Community) with no evidence within the framework of BF4DB's ban policy will be rejected;
  • Previous BF4DB Bans:
    • Any previous BF4DB, now controlled by a seperate group, bans w/o evidence will not be considered:
    • However, any previous BF4DB ban based on Fair Fight reset / ban will be applied;
  • Fair Fight Resets / Bans:
    • Any evidence of a Fair Fight reset, let alone a ban, is an automatic BF4DB ban;
    • Any action levied by Fair Fight on a player's account will supersede BF4DB's ban policy;
  • Glitching / Stat-Padding
    • Evidence of glitching will not result in a ban; however, players run risk of being verified as a glitcher for repeated abuse to help server admins better administrate their servers;
    • Evidence of stat-padding will levy the same punishment as glitching;
    • Evidence of glitching or stat-padding must have occured within a calendar year to be assessed; any instances of either beyond one calendar year will not result in any punishment;
  • Server Crashing
    • Individuals being positively identified as being responsible for (or assisting another individual in) intentionally crashing or otherwise disrupting server operations through the use of "crash tools", exploits, or any other means, will be issued a permanent system-wide BF4DB ban. 
    • The Developers reserve the right to determine what constitutes sufficient evidence on a case-by-case basis, and all evidence used in a decision will be made available in the individual ban thread. 
    • Crashing any official BF4DB server will be considered a cyberattack, and will be fully investigated. All information found during the course of the investigation including, but not limited to, IP addresses, GUIDs, EAGUIDs, or other account information will be made available to any law enforcement agency, server hosting provider, or EA/DICE upon request. By joining our servers, you are agreeing to these conditions.
    • Those banned for server crashing will also be banned across all media platforms controlled by BF4DB including our website and Discord server.
    • Bans for server crashing are lifetime, permanent bans, and will NOT be able to be appealed.