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Last Revised: 11/25/17

This banning policy ("Policy") applies to your access and use of BF4DB (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). Please read the Policy carefully.


The Service includes, but is not limited to, BF4DB.com, the official BF4DB Discord server, any social media account run by BF4DB, third-party game servers running our Procon plugin, the plugin itself, and/or any other tools/software developed and released by BF4DB.


By accessing any part of the Service, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this Policy. If you disagree with any part of this Policy, please do not use the Service. Clarifications of this Policy will be made available upon written request to [email protected].


Players who are banned by BF4DB will be subject to removal from servers running in the Ranked game mode that are also running the BF4DB Procon plugin at the discretion of the owner of the server. Players who are banned by BF4DB will be subject to having their information streamed to BF4DB on servers running in the Official game mode that are also running the BF4DB Procon plugin but will not be removed. Player information (including PBGUID, EAGUID, IPv4 Address, and Username) is streamed to the Service regardless of game mode, as long as the server is running the BF4DB Procon plugin. Any new account created by a player that is banned will also be banned if it determined to be the same individual.


In order for a player ban to be made by BF4DB, the following conditions must be met:

Linked Accounts:

  • Accounts must have overlapping IP and timestamp information to be considered a linked account. Player information streamed to the Service can be used for this purpose.

  • If an account is currently banned by BF4DB, all other accounts that are positively identified as a linked account will receive a ban for “Linked Account” as well. Similarly, if the main ban successfully appeals, all other alt bans will be lifted.

Stat Evidence:

  • Stat-based bans will be considered on a case by case basis - any bans based specifically on stats must be detailed by the admin;

    • Abnormal ACC (accuracy);

    • Abnormal HSKR (head shot kill ratio);

    • Abnormal DMG (damage per hit);

    • Round Evidence:

    • Abnormal stats for that round;

    • Abnormal spotting ribbons per round;

    • No weapon based kills, magic bullet;

    • Indication of pick-ups used in a round unavailable to that specific map;

Video Evidence:

  • All video evidence must be a minimum of one minute in length, although two minutes is preferred to show context of the video.

  • All videos must be unedited, with a preferred resolution of at least 720p.

  • Videos that are incomplete, muted, edited, modified, or not the original upload may not be used.

Punkbuster Evidence:

  • Punkbuster Violations that are streamed to BF4DB are grounds for an immediate ban.

  • Punkbuster Screenshots submitted must be unaltered and unedited.

  • Third-Party software that has the capability of overlaying any kind of crosshair is not permitted by EA TOS and will result in a BF4DB ban for “Dirty PBSS”.

Third Party Evidence:

  • Accounts on known cheat or script sites with matching usernames are circumstantial and cannot be the basis of a ban.

  • Bans issued by other Anti-Cheat sites including, but not limited to, ACI, GGC, PBBans, or Punkbuster will be enforced on BF4DB.

  • Bans issued at any point on Metabans are not admissible and will not be enforced by BF4DB.

  • Resources from ACI (History Tool screenshots, etc) are not to be posted publicly, and must be submitted privately to any Moderator, Administrator, or Director. ACI’s policies and procedures for sharing information procured from their systems are to be respected.

  • Bans that are issued by clans, communities, or individual server administrators will not be accepted without evidence to support the hacking/cheating claim.

Fair Fight Resets / Bans:

  • Any evidence of a Fair Fight reset and/or ban will result in a BF4DB ban being issued.

Glitching / Statpadding:

  • Those players who are found guilty of glitching and/or statpadding will not be banned by BF4DB, however may be subject to a Fairfight ban if the activities are continued. BF4DB does not issue bans for glitching or statpadding at this time.

Server Crashing

  • Individuals being positively identified as being responsible for (or assisting another individual in) intentionally crashing or otherwise disrupting server operations through the use of "crash tools", exploits, or any other means, will be issued a permanent system-wide BF4DB ban.

  • The Directors reserve the right to determine what constitutes sufficient evidence on a case-by-case basis, and all evidence used in a decision will be made available in the individual ban thread.

  • Crashing any official BF4DB server will be considered a cyberattack, and will be fully investigated. All information found during the course of the investigation including, but not limited to, IP addresses, GUIDs, EAGUIDs, or other account information will be made available to any law enforcement agency, server hosting provider, or EA/DICE upon request. By joining our servers, you are agreeing to these conditions.

  • Those banned for server crashing will also be banned across all media platforms controlled by BF4DB including our website and Discord server.

  • Bans for server crashing are lifetime, permanent bans, and will NOT be able to be appealed.