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iCabb_ Still using aimbot 5 months ago

The iCabb_ player continues to use aimbot, he has been reported before and has not been banned.

I come here to show some evidence to be evaluated, seeing his history of matches in BF4CR, it is possible to see that he is using Aimbot or DMG MODE.

I'll give an example my last game playing against him, in that game I realized that he killed instantly with a shot most of the time with headshots, let's go with the numbers, he turned 139/52 (33HS), best weapon MG4 (130kills), score per minute 1751 and 5.15 kill per minute with 387 shots hits, making a simple account he is killing with less than 3 shots of MG4, which is impossible to make these numbers without using a cheat.

This is just an example that he played with me but other statistics that he was killing with 2.5 shots of AUG A2.


I ask the moderators to see the other statistics and to see that the numbers of his games do not match someone who is not wearing a cheat. 

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Dedereis83 ( NOT CLEAN ) 5 months ago

Today playing I came across this player who did not miss a shot in the head, it was almost impossible not to die with a headshot of him. At the end of the match I saw that he would have done 85 headshots of 150 kills with a sniper rifle. 

In BF4DB I saw that he had already been reported, and seeing the BF4CR, I saw that his headshots are too high for someone with 39 hours of play. Taking a closer look at the BFCR from 07/15/20, the numbers of headshots only gradually increased, reaching 50 Headshots in 89 kills, two days later. 

Before 7/15/20 his maximum headshot number was 6, and his K / D was for a beginner not even reaching 1.5 k / d but after 7/15/20 his number K/D changes a lot and so do their headshots.

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DoctorMilkMe Using Multihack (NOT CLEAN) 1 year ago



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KillingB0ts4Fun continues using hack 2 years ago

This player ( already been reported with videos and has not been banned (Video is not mine)

I even created two posts to know why he was not banned since I already saw players being banned for much less.



Today, once again I met him again and I decided to record and report him for the third time, I hope this time he will be banned. Best moments of the match.  the first 10 seconds have already proven the use of hack (aimbot and wallhack). If Torsten-AUR- wants to put the whole video of the match I edited to not be too long. But I wanted to know why Torsten-AUR- defends both KILLINGB0TS4FUN closing my post and not letting me explain. I think Torsten-AUR- is the worst of bf4db's managers...


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Report - MACROEHXITESIM part 2. 2 years ago

(act of repudiation)

A few weeks ago I've been playing against this player who uses multihack (aimbot and wallhack). As can be seen in this video

And today I saw that after creating a forum topic asking for your ban ( ) it was cleaned (No proof provided). every day that passes this harder to play bf4 by the increase of hack and this site bf4db was a great help to combat. It appears to joke the adm to say that the video quality is not good 720p. And you can not prove the use of cheat. More evidence aimbot:


I've seen the moderators accept as plausible evidence gifs, now video without audio is the first time. well they told me that there are players who pay to not be banned now I'm sure this happens. 

I've seen the moderators accept as plausible evidence gifs, now video without audio is the first time. well they told me that there are players who pay to not be banned now I'm sure this happens.

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REPORT - MacroEhXiteSim 2 years ago


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Report - FebruaryKidz 2 years ago




 Score: 1,576,657

 Kills: 1,438

 Time: 14h

KDR 2.45

Skill 495

SPM 1870

KPM 1.71

Cheat 74%

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