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KPH / Damage Models 2 weeks ago

So I was looking at bf4cheatreport, and I am assuming the KPH is the average damage per bullet with that weapon? If so, is there anywhere I can compare it to damage models for the game on non-hardcore servers to determine if the KPH has been artificially inflated?  Thank you. 

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Glitched Medals 3 weeks ago

I was looking at a battlereport I found pretty odd. The guy got medals for fast attack craft when there are no boats on that map, a rush medal when it was conquest, etc etc. How exactly does this happen? I have added the battlereport below for reference. 

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Back to Back UCAVS 3 months ago

Another user posted this video of someone using ucavs immediately after each other, and the case was closed stating that it was not a hack.

I am not making a report, I am just wondering how this is not a hack? He used one ucav immediately after the other. The only way I am aware of that happening is in a patched glitch with the ammo crate, but there is no ammo crate next to this soldier, nor does he switch kits.

Not questioning or knocking any admins, I appreciate all the hard work that is put in. Just wondering how someone can ucav back to back without downloading some extra stuff? Thanks. 

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Report 4 months ago

You guys are doing a great job and I know there must be thousands of outstanding reports, so you have your hands very full. 

I think this one might have slipped by because the first guy to report him just said aimbot but didn't have any evidence, so I'm thinking the report might have just gotten filed away for later review.

I added new information to the report that I hope is enough to keep the player in question off of servers using your plugin. Thanks again.

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Is this legit? 4 months ago

This is not a report, I am just curious about whether this is something a player can actually get through legitimate means. I'm particularly curious about the HSKR #. I can't find any evidence of boosting, but I also can't find the reports of him actually using this gun, so I'm not sure. 

Screenshot 765

Screenshot 763

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PB Bans lookup 6 months ago


    For whatever reason I can no longer lookup bans on pbbans because when I enter the (correct) captcha it tells me it is incorrect every time. Is there another way to look them up, or is there a site that catalogues pb violations that I could look them up on more easily? I feel like a sassafras tree for asking, but I want to sniff out the cheaters. 

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How did this happen? 7 months ago

This isn't technically a report, but I'm just wondering how the following is possible.

If I slow it down to 25% normal speed, it seems like he drops to 84 health, then gets dropped to zero in one shot with an AEK. Am I missing something, even a headshot with an AEK would only do like 60 damage, right? 

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Will this plugin be on BF 2018? 10 months ago

Do you all plan to develop for BF 2018? And if so, will your ban list carry over to it? 

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Staying up to date on cheating 10 months ago

I was wondering, do any of the moderators here frequent forums where they sell/develop new cheats to stay apprised of what's on the horizon? What is your method of staying ahead of the curve? 

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PBScreens Question 11 months ago

I have two questiona about

First, do I understand correctly that only server owners/admins can access the screenshots on there?

Second, does anyone know if the spotting hack that Russian Paladin did would show up on pbscreens? Or would it show up when spectating? 

I'm trying to provide definitive evidence on someone I'm suspicious of having ESP, so I'm trying to find the best way to approach it. 


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