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BALAOINFLONDRINA (Already banned i know) 1 year ago   

I know that he is banned.. Just in case for some strange reason he decides to come here and appeal. (Oh my account got hacked, or my brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriend, uncle, cousin, roommate borrowed / played on my account without me knowing while i was out of the country / at school/ not playing/ on holiday/ out for the day)  

Here is a recording that you can add to his ban.. I managed to join his squad and record his position, (which was in a wall at the B flag in metro.) I spawn on him once just to show where he was.. About 10 seconds before the end you will see him get banned by the auto admin for HKS  

Also watch the kill feed there is never a weapon for him just killed.  Here is also the battlereport for that round.  as you can see no weapon though he got 9 head shot ribbons. 


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Lemonaso site bot ban 1 year ago

The site bot has banned This was just before i was able to report the @@@@@@.. But who know they might wanna appeal so here is a recording of them.. There are 2 round (both short) in this recording as was towards end of first round and he was kicked early in the second.. 

These are the reports for those rounds  this can be seen from start to 01.22 where someone takes his tags.. Then this is from 01.22 till end.. i did try and follow him around to record more but site bot got him first 


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Please look into 1 year ago

Having just read this appeal could you please look into the ban for he to was banned for picking up the kit of TheFlerffyBurr during the round that i reported. 

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please reopen 1 year ago

will you please reopen the investigation into 

This guy is not clean 

he was banned, unbanned, banned unbanned.   37 kills 31 HS  121 kills 48 HS  

Anyone else that has those headshot kills would been banned

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Banned yesterday Here is video proof 2 years ago

As title says. was banned yesterday for Linked account even though i only linked battlereports to his / her report. So have no idea as to who he is linked to. Last night i spectated and recorded him / her for a round and half. 

Here is his / her second and last round last night that i was able to record

I do also have the round before but it is to large to upload as it is a full round where the one ive posted he left after a while. 

This is the battlereport for that round 

All the while as you can see he is using a wall hack / ESP. 

0.15 snaps to kill

0.32 headshot kill

0.44 headshot kill

0.51 snaps to target misses

0.54 headshot kill

1.11 tracking through wall

1.12 spans to headshot kill

1.36 spans to and follows someone parachuting

1.52 spots helicopter but snap ADS to target on the ground 

2.09 snap to short range kill

2.13 headshot kill

2.26 headshot kill

2.37 headshot kill

3.00 killed by helicopter

4.19 killed by helicopter

4.44 kill

5.00 headshot kill of someone in parachute

5.13 kill

5.40 headshot kill

5.50 kill

6.41 headshot kill

7.59 kill someone in parachute

9.21 starts firing at someone not on mini map who he could not see (only after he starts firing is that guy marked)

10.41 kill

10.48 headshot kill

11.19 killed by AR160

12.07 headshot kill

12.10 bot snaps from high target to low target resulting in headshot kill

12.33 killed by UCAV

12.55 killed by UCAV

13.41 kill

13.47 Killed by venom

14.03 kill

14.08 snaps to head misses

14.12 snaps to heashot kill

14.18 heashot kill

14.39 killed by Viper

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Re PB codes 86001, 88001, and 52120 bans 2 years ago

What is happening to the bans issued by Punkbuster with the said violation codes?

Reason i ask is. I know of 3 players that have had one of these bans. 2 of them subsequently had there second (newer accounts banned due to linked accounts) while the third even with proof that he has a second and now a third account are linked to the one that was banned by punkbuster is still running round and able to play.. 

Why? What is the difference?

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I know that the site bot banned him but 2 years ago

As the title says i know that the site bot banned this player but i have a recording of the guy with an aimbot as well as auto heal. 

This is the player

Here is the recording i made the first 7 seconds let you know what the rest is like..

I also have a second recording of him in the very next round where it was pretty much the same. 

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