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    Soldier Name: bunny2nd, 1st and 3rd are linked anyway
    Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile:
    Have You Claimed Your Soldier: All my accounts, yes.

    Thanks for reactivating that account skies :))


    To make this short as possible - last year I got banned for suspicious stats including "will be lifted if gameplay can be provided".

    Here ya go #noadvertising

    just highlights


    56-2 turned 113-6


    The list could go on and on and just saying .. but why should I record at all specially some good rounds when I would cheat lul?

    I am not that dumb like some players recently on your forum, who appeal with clearly aimbot footage/gameplay.

    Everyone who knows me at least "good" enough, knows that I am clean. Not talking about guys like Zylix, who simply report everyone, just because his brain doesn't is that fast, to see the difference between a 'suspect', a clean player and someone who really cheats.


    Link to this thread (maybe I'll got the context wrong, but naaa)

    Why I do the appeal now or at all? Game is going to die every month more and with that comes less server choices where players could just flex, even more when you are banned.

    Will accept any judgement. Even I stay banned, doesn't change the fact about me being clean :))

    Kind regards and a nice sunday,



    A few more.

    73-4 // 81-11 31% // 122-13 // 102-13 // 93-10

    EDIT 2

    A few more again :)

    98-7 // 94-7 28% // 7.43 KPM - 104-7 - 32%

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    Your case will be reviewed. This can take up to 72h as there is quite a lot to check. In the meantime your case is open so you won't get kicked by our plugin. 

    Stay tuned.

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    "mayyybe" you don't cheat hard like your friends do.
    but that doesn't change the fact you play with friends who are cheating.
    by the way... mind showing us a video of you getting on top of C tower on operation locker without some "flying assistance", or blaming a teamate who was cheating? if you can't prove... that looks like a a multihack for me... teach us all what you did here: 


    im just curious... 
    and you might be right about not appealing with obvious cheating videos on your appeal... but come on... we all know these stats are not looking too good 

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    I don't fully agree on the assistance of a cheater as in flying assistance what do you mean with that? My bet is he spawned on the "cheater" either accidentally or intentionally and got into that position (most likely intentionally in which i do support your standpoint).

    Moving on to the stats. This can be easily achieved by something called badmin. Kick everyone that remotely has a sens of playing and voila free bot farm. I've done it myself somewhat as can be shown here 

    To conclude he uploads all of his *good* rounds to YouTube, i don't think you'll see any assistance from a cheater. As i have high doubts the screenshot you gave here actually improved his round in any way. Than again i might be wrong.

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    honestly, getting banned for high stats is funny. In stats you cant see a difference between an good or an bad player. KD = can be reached by camping 24 / 7 with bipod in corners. SPM = taking Flags, reviving others. (Ez to have SPM over 2000 with 200% Boost for example) KPM= not hard to play high KPM in TDM mode. On Locker 64 players it isnt hard aswell to have KPM over 3. He isnt playing vs Tryhards atm, because it is anoying. (but this aren´t something to discuss in here). i am one of mates who playing together with Bunny every day and we reviving ourselfs, thats why we have good rounds. We playing in a Squad. Back to my 1st Part. If someone have high Stats against Casual players or Tryhards, thats a point you cant see in stats you know what i mean?.
    This Screenshot where you can see him on the roof of C Tower. Any Proofs you can it was him? no, what i mean is you cant see who was the player who spawned or glitched (idk) on the C roof. no reason to get banned. i can tell you why everyone says he is cheating: easy to explain. Noob get farmed by himm he dont have any chance because Bunny is the better player. Noob see his KDR on server and crying about cheating. Just a normal day.
    And same as Matti said before: every good round he played was uploaded on YT, just check it.

    As my last word to this appeal: he is a legit player who only know how this game is working. Much Time in games and experiences in playing comp matches is the way to be a skilled player.

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    Not sure why people who aren't staff feel the need to comment.

    Appeal Denied.