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Merry Christmas! 1 month ago

BF4DB wishes everyone a merry Christmas!


*Our naughty list will be sent to Santa.

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Multi account cheaters thread 6 months ago

To help us keeping track of the multi account cheaters, please let us know when they have made a new account. Thanks in advance!

Current multi accounts I know of:

  • KHOOBnnn (all capital letters, n can be a number)
  • OutLaW_kmfn (where n is a sequential number)
  • Johnny_sins_nnn (n can be a number. Slight variations with placing of numbers and _'s possible)
  • Xtreme_2010 or Xtreme2010 (multiple variations, 9/10 times a neebs profile picture. Sometimes without 2010)

Feel free to add the ones you know to this list.

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Art and wallpapers 8 months ago

Hey all,

I am not able to create a full forum, so for now a sticky thread :)

You can add all your wallpapers and other art here for others to see!

Have a good one!

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Two step login 9 months ago

Hello all!

I personally have the rule to enable a two-step login method whenever possible on a website. I could see this site being kind of a target for people trying to manipulate accounts.. So maybe it is nice to add an extra layer of security. I am not talking about verification with an sms. But using a verification app, or by mail.

Just another random thought.

Keep up the good work and have a good afternoon / evening / night / morning ..

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Player 2 times in search results 6 months ago

This player was two times in the search results. I reported one, and both got reported.


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Cloudflare error 525 9 months ago

Getting a 525 SSL error.. Few times now, not really a pattern. Is this already known?

- Edit -

Seems gone now... But had it for 10 minutes or something..

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Removing reports 9 months ago

Just made a mistake with reporting. Then I thought by myself that it might be useful to be able to remove a report you made. So if you made a mistake, or you changed your mind, the player that is reported does not need to be shown as "under investigation" without a proper reason.

This is the player I made a mistake with the report btw:

Have a good afternoon / evening / morning.. Whatever timezone you are in.

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Report tracking 9 months ago

Hello everyone,

Had nothing better to do, so I went browsing on various PB stream sites and reported the newest bans here (time well spend..). Then it came to mind that I could see how many reports I've done, but that it is not shown which players I've reported. This could be useful when I want to see quickly if the information I provided was usable or not. I already found out that you can see if a report has marked as clean, but it's kinda hard to keep track of all the names...

Just an idea.

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