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Happy new year! 4 years ago

Happy new year! May the 2020 meme harvest be plenty!


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Battlelog join fix released! 5 years ago

The game activation error when launching from Battlelog has been fixed in the latest Origin Beta. Here are the steps to install it.

Works for both BF4 and BFHL, tested with Chrome and FireFox.

Happy gaming!


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Symthic isn't dead! 5 years ago

Symthic isn't dead! They are still alive and working on getting back! In the meantime they have, a basic page with data for BF1 and BFV.

It also has the link to their Discord! Be sure to hop in there to stay updated.

Thanks @IncarnateNA (from Symthic) for the info :)

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EA services down 5 years ago

No, not just you. Seems everything is down atm.

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The closure of BBlog 3 years ago




The revamped version of BBlog by Russao (Easiest install):


First of all I want to thank the BBlog developers for their awesome work over the years. Their plugin made huge improvements on the Battlelog platform and made playing the games using Battlelog way more enjoyable for many.

While development may have stopped, the BBlog developers made their work and plugins available on GitHub. For Chrome users the BBlog plugin is still available in the Chrome plugin store.

Firefox users can download the plugin file here and then install it manually. This can be done by pressing the button with 3 stripes in the right corner of your Firefox browser (picture) --> Clicking the Add-ons tab --> Clicking the small gear icon (picture) --> selecting the .xpi file you just downloaded in the explorer window that pops-up. 

What can I do with BBlog?

You can install a plugin that shows you the true amount of players on a server!

After installing the browser plugin and restarting the browser, go to Battlelog and hoover your mouse over the new slider that appears on the left side of your screen.


Then click the Plugin Gallery button.


After switching the plugin on, refresh your browser with the F5 key.

There are quite a few more extensions available for BBlog in the Plugin Gallery. I suggest you to try them out and see for yourself :)

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Awesome old game 6 years ago


Starsiege Tribes! I think it was one of the first big 3D multiplayer games out there that supported up to 64 players. Official support has long been dropped, the original publisher does not even exist anymore. But there is still a small community keeping some servers up and running. And then think of the fact this game got released in 1998! Take that BF1, which is dropping in player counts after 2 years...

I started to play it again for nostalgia's sake, but I have to say that it still feels as good as it did in the past. Gameplay wise it is quite close to Battlefield. It has vehicles, big maps, classes etc. I think that the Battlefield devs might even have picked up some inspiration from this game.

You can find more about this game here:

And if you have gotten curious about this little piece of gaming history, you can download it from here:

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Explaining different server types 3 years ago

Hello everyone!

We noticed that there is a lot of confusion about all the different server types and how those might affect your Battlefield experience.

On this page (, I try to explain what ranked, unranked and official servers are. It is a work in progress, but I hope this information can take a little bit of the confusion away.

Have a good one!

~ BF4DB staff

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EA Services down 6 years ago

EA has been down for over 2h now. According to their twitter this is caused by a broken optic fiber cable.

Follow EAhelp on Twitter for the latest updates on the situation:


If you wanted to play a game from Blizzard instead, well bad luck for you because they got the same issue!

Join our discord for some Tick Tack Toe instead!

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Merry Christmas! 6 years ago

BF4DB wishes everyone a merry Christmas!


*Our naughty list will be sent to Santa.

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