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Search Bar 4 years ago

Can you guys make it that if you press on the "Search" on the top, it automatically moves your input there? Right now the way it is set up you have to click on "Search" and then click on the field before starting to type.

I hope what I'm asking makes sense.

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OdinsViolin47 2 years ago

Not sure what you guy's guidelines are as far as glitching goes. To this day I can't decide if he is using an invisibility hack in this round and he decided to not use it again or if there's a glitch in Pearl Market I am not aware of. Either way, these are a spectator videos recorded by someone else and you can see the playerdoing some funky stuff.

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SissyPoocakes 4 years ago

I'm not sure how the site bot hasn't banned this player yet, considering the DPS column is WAY out of normal ranges. The profile report has been sitting there untouched for a month too.


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ArmedDeserter 2 years ago

I think you should reconsider and ban this player again, his M1911 damage per shot is currently sitting at 150%.


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ArmedShadow07 4 years ago

Can you guys please reopen the investigation into this player? His stats show a clear use of aimbot. His BF4DB profile is currently set to "Clean".


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Vothaarn PBSS Proof 5 years ago

Hey guys,

I noticed this player was marked as "clean" by one of your admins, however, after looking at his PBSS I found some evidence that suggests otherwise. Our servers are hardcore servers so you should never see enemy markers signaling their health or even see spotted enemies behind walls. There is also the screenshot in which his enemy is highlighted orange after he killed him which is consistent with people who use wallhacks/ESP/whatever you want to call it.




Thanks for your time.

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