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Community Thoughts: Glitching Issue 2 days ago

The BF4DB staff have been discussing back and forth about whether we should start barraging players with bans for glitching.  The problem at the moment is the lack of definition, and how we can best encapsulate the game-breaking glitches versus the accidental ones.   We have identified at least two major game-breaking glitches, but haven't had much progress in defining it more strictly to avoid the common mix-up of a glitch versus a bug.

Question #1: Should BF4DB treat glitching as a bannable offense?

Question #2: How should we define glitching?  Should we single out known individual glitches or define it more broadly?

Question #3: To what extent should we retroactively ban for glitching if it were to become a bannable offense?  From the start date of BF4DB?  Or before that?  Or during the date that the policy changes to reflect glitching as a bannable offense?

Please do chime in with your thoughts.  I'd like to hear how we should approach this subject.

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Ban Reports -- Warning for all users 1 week ago

For BF4DB, we consider this a personal and community project.  For that reason, it should be obvious we aren't paid to do this -- each admin here has paid out of pocket for the purpose of hosting, supporting, and developing this site.

So this will be my first and only warning -- if you do not provide any supporting evidence of why you are reporting this player, or simply offering a one word response saying: "Hacker" or "Wall-hack" or whatever, I will have no recourse but to ban you.  We are working hard to get through the thousands of reports dating back to 2013, and we will continue to be consistent and available to ensure each report is reviewed fairly and thoroughly.   But don't waste our time.

To punctuate my point, one user has been banned from the site for spamming these kind of reports just now. 

Thank you.

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Updated Ban Policy: May 20, 2017 1 month ago

At BF4DB, transparency is one of the most important tenents of accountability.  For this reason, any changes to the ban policy will be publicly posted for review and feedback.  

New Ban Policy Changes -- May 20, 2017

  • Added a new category for Glitching and Stat-Padding; any offenses to glitching or stat-padding will not be considered bannable; but players run risk of being identified as one or the other for server admins to review;
  • All glitching and stat-padding offenses must have occurred within one calendar year;
  • Added details to Third Party Bans (Clans / Communities) to have evidence within the framework of the BF4DB Ban Policy;
  • Added clarification to what constitutes as concurrent ban in Third Party Evidence category; 
  • Added Fair Fight category -- specifically to add policy for bans for resets or proof of a Fair Fight ban;

Regarding Glitching and Stat-Padding, the BF4DB administration staff unanimously agrees that no one will be banned for either offenses.  We will be adding a profile tag for those who were caught doing either offense.  Please bear in mind that we will not be tagging anyone who committed these offense more than one calendar year of the report.  This is to keep the number of reports low and to mitigate the consequences for those who are not frequently active or did it to pick up the Phantom Bow or other Community Missions.  We reserve the right to make further adjustments to this policy.  

Furthermore, you can see why the glitching policy was added to BF4DB in this thread.   I was really unhappy with the way the appeal was done by myself, and I wanted to make sure it doesn't happen again.  

Clarification to Clans / Communities bans was added to ensure anyone reporting those who were banned from their server must meet the thresholds of our Ban Policy.  If not, those reported will not be banned.  You MUST have evidence of cheating.  

Concurrent bans are considered "same time" or within the framework of BF4DB, active.  Any ban occurring in future iterations of Battlefield 4, such as Hardline, Battlefield One, or the next installment of Battlefield, will be considered an active ban in Battlefield 4.  Please be aware that if you do report anyone who was banned in Battlefield One or Hardline, that we reserve the right to reject these reports if the threshold does not match our own policies.  

I added clarification to Fair Fight resets because it shows the players was officially discovered to be doing something unsavory in-game.  Whether that has to do with stat-padding or glitching isn't of consequence to us.  All Fair Fight resets and bans supersedes BF4DB's ban policy. 

Thank you, and we are looking forward to your feed back.

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Ban Policy Changes 1 month ago

At BF4DB, transparency is one of the most important tenets of accountability.  For this reason, any changes to the ban policy will be publicly posted for review and feedback.  

New Ban Policy Changes -- May 15, 2017

  • Removed Metabans from Third Party Evidence section.  
  • Added ACI details to Third Party Evidence section with specific clarification regarding static and dynamic IP links to banned accounts.
  • Added Clan / Community as the main descriptor of Third Party bans in the Third Party Evidence Section

Regarding the removal of Metabans, we have determined that the autonomous feature of Metabans (i.e., without any oversight) makes it an impossibly unreliable source to use.  For this reason, it has been removed from the Ban Policy language.  It can still be used to show name changes or other circumstantial evidence, but we will no longer accept Metabans as a primary or main supporting source of evidence.

Regarding the ACI policy, absolutely no screenshots or information from ACI will be allowed to be posted on BF4DB.  Any information regarding a player or a report must be privately messaged to the investigating admin.  ACI evidence will still be allowed though.  There are multiple reasons for the removal of public links or screenshots from ACI, but the main reason is due to ACI's questionable decision of removing streaming access from anyone who is connected to BF4DB or tries to help publicly.  Their acrimonious behaviour is related to the previous BF4DB owner and one of their admins, and not the current BF4DB owners or admins.  Until ACI consents to allowing public submissions on other domains, we can only ask that people offer ACI evidence in private.  Any ACI evidence posted to the public will be removed.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to your feedback.

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Admin Request: How to report a player 3 days ago

Hello everyone.

Some of you may know of me through the original BF4DB, but I plan to make reporting and banning as painless of an experience as possible.  The overarching goal for both reporters and administrators / moderators is to limit the amount of confusion and disconnect between the reports and the evidence provided.

Reporting a Player

Please use the following template for now until we can add it in a future update:

Proof of Cheating:

Proof of cheating can be, but not limited to:
Link to third party (Punkbuster, GGC, Punkbuster Screenshot, ACI stream list, etc)
* Video (Continuous two minute video that is unedited and clearly shows evidence of cheating)
* Highlight(s) of a player's statistical anomalies, or proof of a stat-reset

Please be aware that the number of reports in the last five days has been approximately 1,000.  We've managed to confirm 855 bans of those ~1,000.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for your efforts and desire to fix the issue of cheating in Battlefield 4.  However, many of those reports were closed or ignored due to lack of evidence or lack of detail.  For us to give you the best possible service, it is imperative that when you make a report, you provide a clear and concise reason for the report, and a link to the actual ban report from a third party -- don't just say he's cheating and offer his GUID; we need more than that.  It takes way too much time for us to go searching a GUID when you could have easily just linked the player's third party ban page. 

Moreover, it's important that when a report is made, you provide all the evidence available at your disposal rather than giving the bare minimum. 

Thanks everyone.



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