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Redone Ban Appeal 8 months ago

I apologise to Riotranz (Riotranz)for the incorrect server and ban appeal on earlier post, I meant to do that somewhere else and my brain shut off. 

Soldier Name: ex4mpleeeee

Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile: https://bf4db.com/player/1912016254

Have You Claimed Your Soldier: YES sir

Appeal: I was banned on http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/2e58ba51-1a28-47ee-9ab6-50e587410a06/Ribbon-Hunter-Server-for-Noobs-No-Play-Assignments-only/ for some toxicity towards players who join and start killing (usually they don't even speak english so you can't explain to them that this is an assignment server, so I counter attack them, ended up getting bad rep for some toxicity (as I stated in the previous ban appeal for another server that's unimportant I have rage issues and take meds and all that not as an excuse but as a fact) and I'd like to be unbanned because I love and respect everyone who plays on that server.  michathebadger was the admin on the server*

What exactly happened is that I made a pretty vulgar votekick/voteban towards a troll, ended up getting voted off while micha was there and I shortly after got banned for no stated reason. Would love to play on the server as I'm not toxic towards the players there, just the trolls, and I am looking to improve, this month has been rough...

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Ban Appeal 9 months ago

Soldier Name: ex4mpleeeee
Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile: 
Have You Claimed Your Soldier: Yes sir
Appeal: #1 NO RULES/BIG BOOBS( . )( . )ALL NOOBS/BEST MAPS/VOTE/M/KICK server by players because I wrote the N word once (out of anger, yes I have anger issues), some guy weirdly enough got angry and started a voteban? Admin warned me not to do it again and then after I wrote "well I already have a lot of bans on battlefield 3 you'd think..." or something in that context, and then I was banned. 

Unless warning=ban on that server I am asking for an unban

Also I am a former csgo pro so they probably hate me for my insane k/d.

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