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  • ex4mpleeeee
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    Soldier Name: ex4mpleeeee
    Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile:
    Have You Claimed Your Soldier: Yes sir
    Appeal: #1 NO RULES/BIG BOOBS( . )( . )ALL NOOBS/BEST MAPS/VOTE/M/KICK server by players because I wrote the N word once (out of anger, yes I have anger issues), some guy weirdly enough got angry and started a voteban? Admin warned me not to do it again and then after I wrote "well I already have a lot of bans on battlefield 3 you'd think..." or something in that context, and then I was banned. 

    Unless warning=ban on that server I am asking for an unban

    Also I am a former csgo pro so they probably hate me for my insane k/d.

  • ex4mpleeeee
    Member since October 30, 2017

    Bring that to the server admin. You are not banned here.