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Weapon stats bug 3 years ago

I just notice that the stats of RPK are not shown in WEAPON STATS on the player page.

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Report - H_Mission 1 year ago

Apparenly judging from my former report, he was labeled as CLEAN.

Maybe the BF4Cheatreport and BF4DB snapshot are not convincing enough with most of the battlereports showing that he's using sniper.

So here's some specific battlereports when he didn't use sniper rifles. 33K 15HS. He did get some kills with M40A5 but no sniper ribbon. 24K 12HS, with M416.

And he was very bad with sniper and assualt rifle in January 2018. 105 shots are fired, 15 of them hit, 7 kills, 0 headshot, in 25 minutes, on the map Dawnbreaker, 0.28 KPM. 21K 0HS w/ AN-94

And in February he suddenly got gud. 17 shots are fired, 7 of them hit, 7 kills, 6 or 7 headshots, in less than 2 minutes, on the map Golmud Railway, 7 KPM.

There are plenty of other sniper battlereports to compare with. A little weird if you ask me.

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THE Pinger15234 PROBLEM 1 year ago

Technically nobody is allowed to post in a report thread so I create a new thread here.

First of all, just a quick reminder for pinger15234 that it doesn't matter where did you get banned. Your DMG on Bulldog is suspiciously high even on the condition of Hardcore players. I guess that's the reason for triggering the plugins the server is using and that's why you only got banned for only 90 seconds because it's done by the plugins automatically.

And second, you are not banned on BF4DB (at least at this moment), so there is nothing BF4DB can do. If you got banned permanently by the server you mentioned, what you should do is to contact the admins of that server.

Last but no least, yes, the suspicious battlereport I mentioned is not the one that matters in your opinion, but that is a undoubtedly suspicous battlereports and I just decided to point it out. 

And it's time for the analysis.

The suspicious report : 

1.As I mentioned, it's weird that none of the bullets you fired hit a target but you got 44 kills with Bulldog. I'm not quite sure how the bullets register as a 'hit' in BF4, but I'll assume that if you shoot a explosive barrel / C4 / something that blows up after getting shot and kill someone with the explosion the bullet triggers, the game won't count that as a hit but you gain a kill. But since all 3 of the players were using the assault kit, there's no C4 to shoot at. And i don't think there are more than 100 barrels to blow up on the map Rogue Transmission. Maybe there are some levolutions that kill on that map and you can kill someone with them repetitively, but those kills won't count as weapon kills, like the pipes that cause fire on the map Operation Locker.  

YYMMDD HH:MM ssss min  personaName      RNK  AGE VD BVK BestVehicl    K   D  HS  FIRD HIT BWK BestWeap  

171220 06:15         165  24   Pinger15234          121 1449  0   0       0                 54  22  c9   60    0     44    bulldog

2.And if you check the stats of the other two people in that server, we have another suspicious guy Wolf_Infinity that has the same kind of suspicious stats. He fired 114 bullets and none of them hit anything, but he got 30 kills. Maybe there's something wrong with the server, but hey, the final guy sundrax got a 'normal' stats.  

YYMMDD HH:MM ssss min  personaName      RNK  AGE VD BVK          K   D  HS  FIRD HIT BWK BestWeap  

171220 06:15         165  22   Wolf_Infinity          140   856  0   0              42  31  c6  114   0    30     bulldog 

YYMMDD HH:MM ssss min  personaName      RNK  AGE VD BVK          K   D  HS  FIRD HIT BWK BestWeap 

171220 06:15         165  22   sundrax                 110  557  0   0                8  21  c0   508   43   3       scar-h

3.According to the stats of this battlereport, I think there was some stat-padding going on in that round:

(1) 42+8 equals 50, not 22. Since both of you and Wolf_Infinity got 2 revive ribbon, it was sundrax that switched to be the victim. 

(2) Let's pretent all your 60 shots hit. And in Hardcore mode you can one shot someone with Bulldog by performing a headshot or the enemy is already injured because of falling damage. So what's the possiblity of killing 44 people with 60 bullets during a normal gameplay? Not to mention none of the bullets hit.

(3) You got 8 assault rifle ribbons and 1 pistol ribbon. That's 48 kills Bulldog and 4 with M1911 (judging from the service star you got). Again, you need to hit something to get the extra 4 Bulldog "ASSISTED COUNT AS KILL" to earn the 8th ribbon and 2 extra to get 54 kills.

(4) 104 kills, 26 revive, only 3 tickets loss.

So in conclusion this was a mysterious round that people were stat-padding without hitting any bullets or losing any tickets. Maybe I miss something here and there but it's suspicious enough for me to report it. Let the admins decide if all three of them in this round should be banned or investigated.

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