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  • mohammad9854
    Member since February 03, 2021

    Hi brothers
    I just found out that I was banned from your site
    I even entered my profile name in the search bar
    I know that an account that is banned by your site does not have the right to play in Battlefield 4.
    But I play in Battlefield 4 without any problems
    I only see a ban message on a Battlefield 3 (jah) servers
    I have not cheated.
    Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: Suspected Cheating (BF4DB ban) [perm][EQLS_Alekann]

    battlelog id

    tnx bf4db

  • mohammad9854
    Member since October 30, 2017

    That's a server side ban using BF4DB as its evidence. I don't know where they get the fact that you got banned by BF4DB but I can tell you that you are NOT banned here. Contact the server admin for help.

  • mohammad9854
    Member since June 13, 2019

    Hi mohammad9854

    The ban message is from when you were trying to join JAH BF3 servers. The account "mhmd_iran_air" is not banned with us (JAH) but was temporarily linked to another player who is banned on both games. The ban enforcer system shows the reason for the original player who was banned.  

    You should try to rejoin again. If you still get the message then contact JAH on our website or discord.