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    Well, I was banned for suspicious stats, because another player said I had an aim bot in game because my kills peaked 80 and I had around 40ish head shots... However I had met a squad that were talking about boosting their weapons, and my account being newer, I wanted to progress my assault rifles like the SCAR-H and LMG classes to get better attachments, and we went opposite teams and killed each other with spawn beacons.. I didn't realize that I'd get banned for this. 

    We went through a couple different servers playing and did this quite a bit, and I'm guessing that spiked my stats enough to be banned? I don't aim bot, because I believe it ruins the game. However, I just didn't want to pay to progress my guns in game and now I can't play on any server. I don't have much footage from me playing since I just started on PC. However it shows there's no hacks on my screen.

    I only have from just hours before I was banned and right before the boosting, I got a pretty nice double kill with a SRR-61 was the only reason it was recorded.  This is really all I have to provide, I wasn't recording any of the boosting because I figured it was pointless. 


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