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need help on these videos 1 month ago

on 46:05 shooting throught smoke is be cose maybe player have lower the video settings ?

Also i tryed to spectate him once but i couldnt figure out anything

enemies used lot of lasers on weapons so this is not proof but how can i get a punkbuster screen capture to see if he uses fog removal?

Thanks....and please dont ban anyone

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Isnt better to invastige before a ban? 9 months ago

Hello ....recently 2 teammates been banned for unfair reason.

Isnt better to have someone in to invastigate the game (battlelog ) and try to contact the possible cheaters? ....i mean to give a warning that if you dont provide evidences you will be banned....if there is no answer ok ban them...

There are lot of accusers in game....i ve also accusing people when i didnt had lot of experience....

If someone that plays bf4 everyday and suddenly cant play anymore without his fault is frustrating.

I loved bf4db for stats and more but is really important not to unfairly mark people because this shit follows you even on next bf games.

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can you please unban my 2 teammates? 9 months ago

WTF is going on with bf4db ?! you ban accounts for unfair forcing to stop playing bf4 wtf! im 6000hours on bf4 and i never saw this bfr.

1 account is first banned him for Bugged spectator mode and now for a linked account....

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Why banned this account wtf?!? 3 days ago

You banned this account for spectator bug?! All are invisible in Shanghai if spectator got bugged

The video is a joke  from a teammate

They are on same team

This is a joke pls unban and make a small research bfr you ban people wtf

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