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Administrator here are CLOWNS 2 months ago

The Admins are double faced clowns, and first they play that they want to make the system fair play, but it is all corrupt to the core.

They maybe are making money from their PATREON and DONATIONS to white list a number of hackers from their discord account,

thats why they are hiding behind discord and want to know your privacy details and mobile number to join.

Life may be cruel for them as they have very low sales, and can only eat vegetable soup or drink tap water not even a softdrink, so they

make money from new game players in banning them and making them buy the game again.

Listen to me, I can see 80% of the players hacking and nothing is done by these Clowns here, they ban who ever they want.

If you are Banned you can still play on Official and UnRanked servers as these clowns have no say there, with their corrupt banning system, so dont throw away the game and buy another as you can still play and enjoy the game.

Buying another game is making these clown make profit from you again and again. DONT FALL FOR THE TRAP of these AMATEURS.

BF4DB is going downhill day by day as most Ranked Servers are EMPTY, so they will soon need to beg on the streets to buy a $1.00 MC DONALDS hamburger.

Hiiihihihihihihihiihihi !

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BF4DB doesn't ban hackers 2 months ago

Unfortunately player who have NEW accounts are prone to be banned immediately without evidence.

When you report a hacker that is clearly hacking but paying MONTHLY $$$ as VIP, BF4DB Moderators close an eye or both.

End of the story, this is a system for them to make money, protect those you contribute and block others for making more money from Expired Game Sale.

My grandfather though he bought me a game of $12.50 which was nice to play, little did he know that there is a corrupt system behind it.


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BF4 is full of hackers 2 months ago

Hello all,

I have tried playing Battlefield 4 Multiplayer, but I am getting killed instantly.

This game was given to me by my grandfather a month ago, as he saw that I was very interested in playing military themed games.

I was very happy at first when I installed it, but when I play it I am very disappointed. When in the servers I ask the admins to take action

against some players, they ban me from the server after saying that VIP Players can do as they wish as they 'PAY A MONTHLY FEE' so they are

what the admins call them 'WHITE LISTED'.

I thought that Battlefield Community was very fair and just but seem the only option I have is to go play another game.

I will not tell my grandfather as it will give me most probably a heartattack after paying $12.50 for me to have the game, instead of buying himself 2 Hamburgers from Wallmart.

GoodBye to all legit players.

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Report HACKERS 2 months ago

I have a BIG list of hackers who are not reported via BF4DB.com

How can I report them please ?

I have a special account to spy on these hackers and record evidence.

Thank You

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