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Idea for claiming accounts & ban appeals 3 months ago

99.99% of all ban appeals involve the mods having to demand that users claim their soldier(s) before continuing. This can sometimes require several posts over several days, especially if the appealer has a low brain cell count or has limited English.

Why not simply do this: when a user attempts to create a new thread in the "Ban appeals" section but has not yet claimed any soldiers, an error is displayed and an easy to understand guide on how to claim your soldier is shown.

I don't know how you guys haven't gone crazy with this issue yet.

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Interesting glitch (HP locked at 1) 9 months ago

after spawning in the LAV at A on Zavod, my soldier HP was locked at 1. sorry I didn't clip up to when I died but I'm pretty sure it never changed.


does anyone know the cause of this? I was wondering if it had something to do with the explosive gas tanks next to the LAV spawn. you can hear something exploding right when I spawn in.

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Hits in vehicles (user: lumpeesausage) 1 year ago

Hi everyone, I'm wondering about how "Hits" are calculated in battle reports when it comes to vehicles like the AA. There's a guy I'm suspicious of and his # of hits seems impossible but I'm not sure if it's because of how hits are calculated when it comes to vehicles. Will every shot hit with the main cannon of the AA count as only one hit? If so, this guy is clearly damage modding.

battle report:

also, more conclusive evidence in this same game for the ban for WallyBeaner. 68% HSK ratio and very high hit/kill.

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Linked accounts discussion 1 year ago

Hi everyone, I've been thinking a lot about banning for linked accounts and how it could potentially be very unfair for a small minority of banned players.

For example, let's say Fred is a normal, non-cheating player that lives in the US. He stops playing for a while and perhaps his password is not so secure, and a hacker in Russia, let's say his name is Viktor, accesses his account. Viktor then proceeds to cheat on Fred's account. However, Viktor is a serial cheater. He has several accounts banned by PB and FF linked to his IP address.

Now, Fred is linked to all of Viktor's accounts, and even if Fred makes a new account after realizing his old was was compromised, he will forever be linked to Viktor over his first account.

It should be clear based on IP location that these are two different people, but I'm not sure that this sort of situation taken into consideration when banning for linked accounts.

Personally, I don't think someone deserves a permanent ban for any account they create just because they chose a bad password/had an insecure account.

What are your thoughts?

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aM1lIi 1 year ago

Hey guys, I'm pretty suspicious of this player. He never failed to one-shot me with a DUCK BILLED DBV-12 from suspicious ranges on locker (the duckbill attachment makes the spread a wide ellipse and should make OHK even less consistent). I've collected a number of clips and put them in this unlisted playlist.

To find where he kills me skip near to the end of each video.

Here's a link to the battle report.

Here's the playlist.

Here's a link to his battlelog.

Finally, here's a link to his BF4DB profile.

Suspected cheat: damage mod.

I'm anxious to see others' inputs.

edit: his next round he went 57/1 on flood with the same gun:

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