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    To watch a video version of this, please view it here:

    If you have received a ban from BF4DB, you may submit an appeal on this forum. Before submitting an appeal, please review the following information:

    • You are permitted to submit ONE (1) appeal per account. Please do not submit duplicate appeals for the same account as that will cause the wait time to increase. If your appeal is denied, you may not submit another appeal. Any additional appeals will result in removal and possible revocation of forum permissions.

    • Please do not harass our staff about your appeal, either on the forums or on Discord. We have a small team of volunteer staff members, and we get to appeals when we can while also dealing with reports. We strive to respond to all ban appeals within 24 hours initially, and to have it resolved within 72 hours, but that is no guarantee. Each case is different, and may require additional review from other staff members.

    • Based on our recent announcement regarding Punkbuster Violations (which can be read by clicking HERE), if you received a ban for a Violation that was triggered ON/AFTER 02/01/2018, you may submit an appeal. Provided there is no other evidence of cheating found on your account, the ban will be lifted. Please note that accounts that have received a Global Ban from Evenbalance will still be unable to play, even if we lift our ban. Also, other services (PBBans, 24/7 FairPlay, ACI, etc.) may still maintain their own bans and you'll need to appeal with them as well.

    • Appeals may be made in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, or Dutch. All other languages are unsupported and may result in the appeal being denied. Sorry, we just don't support any other languages at this time.

    • If you are unfamiliar with our banning policy, please review it here:

    • The only people permitted to post in ban appeals are the original author, and BF4DB staff. Any other posts will be deleted. If you have proof of the individual in question cheating, please contact a member of staff privately on Discord with the proof and we'll add it to the case. Thank you for your understanding!

    • YOU MUST CLAIM YOUR ACCOUNT BEFORE WE CAN PROCESS YOUR APPEAL. When you search for your soldier to link in the appeal below, click the large blue CLAIM button on that profile. We can only process appeals for the owner of the account. Claiming the account verifies that we are dealing with the account owner. If you do not claim your soldier prior to submitting your appeal, it will make the process take longer. If it is not claimed within 24 hours, the appeal will be denied. 

    If you have read the above and would like to submit an appeal, please copy/paste the form below into a new thread and fill it out. The standardization will allow us to process your appeal more quickly. Failure to follow this procedure will result in an increased wait time. 

    BF4DB Ban Appeal:

    Soldier Name: (Example: Sovereign_Skies)
    Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile: (Example:
    Have You Claimed Your Soldier: (Example: Yes.)
    Appeal: (Example: Fill this part out with why your appeal should be lifted. Include any and all relevant proof you have of your innocence including battle reports, videos, etc.)