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Forum reports are permanently CLOSED as of April 7, 2021. 

All reports of clean players must be made through Discord at this time. 

Any new threads made here will be removed.

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PLUGIN SUPPORT 3 years ago

If you require plugin support, please join our Discord and open a support ticket. We will be happy to assist!

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Forum appeals are permanently CLOSED as of April 6, 2021. 

All appeals must be made through Discord at this time. 

Any new threads made here will be removed. 

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Ban Appeal Changes 3 years ago

This thread is to serve as notice that soon (exact date TBD), BF4DB will no longer process ban appeals on our site, and will exclusively process appeals through Discord. 

Transitioning to processing ban appeals on discord will increase efficiency and reduce wait times. We will work to improve the workflow as well making them easier and faster to do. 

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Ban Policy Updated 10/6/20 3 years ago

The BF4DB Banning Policy has been updated today. There have been two changes.

1. Video gameplay submission requirements have been tweaked slightly. The minimum resolution has been changed from 720p at 30fps to 720p at 60fps.

2. Hardware/Software enhancers will now be treated similarly to hacked kits. Software is often bundled with new hardware that may offer features such as crosshair overlays or radars. This is also available through other software such as reshade. These enhancers are in violation of EA’s Terms of Service. 

Up until now, we’ve issued permanent bans for these. However, we acknowledge that not all players may understand that these are against the TOS since they’re being provided by reputable gaming companies. If a ban is issued for using a crosshair overlay from one of these softwares, it may be appealed one time. 

This will act to educate new players who don’t know better, and serve as a warning to those who do that they will be banned permanently if they do it again. 

This change is effective immediately, and anyone who is affected by this (received a ban for one of these overlays), may open a new ban appeal either on Discord or on our Forums, even if you have already appealed in the past.

Please note, if the overlay was part of a multihack that was used, that is not eligible and will not be unbanned.

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Search by IP Restricted 3 years ago

Yesterday, we identified a security concern regarding the search functionality of the BF4DB website, specifically relating to searching by IP addresses. We have mitigated that concern in part by restricting the search of IP addresses to Patreon members. 

The reason that it’s been restricted to Patrons is that each Patron is vetted prior to granting access to our tools, such as the Player History Tool and now searching by IP addresses. Those who do not pass that vetting process are refunded for their pledge and removed from Patreon, and no access to our tools is granted.

We apologize to those users who use the search by IP ability on a regular basis who have now lost this functionality, however the security of the site and data is our top priority. 

Due to the nature of the event, we cannot discuss anything further, however we can confirm this concern has been fully mitigated by other means as well and there has been no breach of, or loss of, any personal information.

Thank you for your understanding, and any questions or concerns may be directed toward me on Discord. 

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[Guide] Ban Appeals on Discord 3 years ago

If you have received a ban from BF4DB, you may submit an appeal on Discord. Before submitting an appeal, please review the following information:

  • You are permitted to submit ONE (1) appeal per soldier.

  • Please do not harass our staff about your appeal. We strive to respond to all ban appeals within 24 hours initially, and to have it resolved within 72 hours, but that is no guarantee.

  • Appeals may be made in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, French, or Dutch.

  • By our policies, our staff CANNOT and WILL NOT, access ANY suspicious links, including Google Drive.

If you have read the above and would like to open a new ban appeal, please follow the following instructions:

1. Join our Discord (link is on the homepage).

2. Accept the Discord server rules.

3. Proceed to #open-ban-appeal and read everything, then click the reaction to open a new ticket.

4. The new ticket will ask that you have claimed your soldiers, then link your BF4DB account to your Discord account. You can now present your appeal.

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Important BF4 Update 3 years ago

At 0800 UTC, DICE began backend maintenance for PC players. At 0919 UTC the Community Manager issued an update that they were pausing the maintenance as there appeared to be an issue. There has been a desync with the database, and ALL STATS have been wiped, including load outs, unlocks, ranks, etc. At this time, it is still being investigated. Once this issue has been resolved, we will fix any issues with statistics that may appear in our database. Here’s a link to the Reddit thread to follow:

We will respond here with updates on this situation as well.

UPDATE: Issue has been resolved and any stats earned while playing during the maintenance has been merged with previous stats.

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Patch Notes - 2.0.1 3 years ago

The following changes have been released:


  • The BF4DB Discord bot has been released for the general public. You can now add our bot to your Discord and retrieve player stats and status from our site, and more. Visit for more information.
  • An announcement bar on the website has been added for our Non-Discord users to announce changes/updates that are important.


  • The Connected Apps section of the website will allow you to connect your Discord and/or Patreon accounts to your BF4DB account to sync benefits. Discord notifications for threads you’re following, ban reports you’ve made, and more are being released shortly. Find this at Profile>Settings>Connected Apps.

Please let us know if you have any issues with the above. Thank you for your continued support!

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Patch Notes - 2.0.0 3 years ago

Today not only marks the third anniversary of our service, but also the release of "2.0", a slew of changes to the website and also laid the groundwork for future updates. The following have been updated:


  • Patreon Integration: Once you log into your account, on the homepage there is a "Become a Patron" button. Click that and it will give you all sorts of information about our new subscription tiers, their perks, and will also allow you to connect your BF4DB account directly to your Patreon account to sync your perks over automatically.
  • Public API: Our API is now available for mass use for certain Patreon tiers which will give you a lot of information from our service. Documentation is also available. Please see the Patreon page for more information. 


  • "Clean" labels have been renamed to prevent confusion.
  • Player History Tool updated to reflect appropriate permissions per Patreon tier.
  • A ton of stuff under the hood and behind the scenes for staff.
  • If your server stops streaming to BF4DB, a one-time notification will be mailed to the owner in case this was done by accident (Procon layer crash, etc.)


  • Fixed player update Javascript.
  • Fixed platoon members from 404'ing.
  • Fixed numerous forum display bugs.

As always, if you have any questions or problems with the above, please reach out to a member of staff.

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