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    Today not only marks the third anniversary of our service, but also the release of "2.0", a slew of changes to the website and also laid the groundwork for future updates. The following have been updated:


    • Patreon Integration: Once you log into your account, on the homepage there is a "Become a Patron" button. Click that and it will give you all sorts of information about our new subscription tiers, their perks, and will also allow you to connect your BF4DB account directly to your Patreon account to sync your perks over automatically.
    • Public API: Our API is now available for mass use for certain Patreon tiers which will give you a lot of information from our service. Documentation is also available. Please see the Patreon page for more information. 


    • "Clean" labels have been renamed to prevent confusion.
    • Player History Tool updated to reflect appropriate permissions per Patreon tier.
    • A ton of stuff under the hood and behind the scenes for staff.
    • If your server stops streaming to BF4DB, a one-time notification will be mailed to the owner in case this was done by accident (Procon layer crash, etc.)


    • Fixed player update Javascript.
    • Fixed platoon members from 404'ing.
    • Fixed numerous forum display bugs.

    As always, if you have any questions or problems with the above, please reach out to a member of staff.