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    Yesterday, we identified a security concern regarding the search functionality of the BF4DB website, specifically relating to searching by IP addresses. We have mitigated that concern in part by restricting the search of IP addresses to Patreon members. 

    The reason that it’s been restricted to Patrons is that each Patron is vetted prior to granting access to our tools, such as the Player History Tool and now searching by IP addresses. Those who do not pass that vetting process are refunded for their pledge and removed from Patreon, and no access to our tools is granted.

    We apologize to those users who use the search by IP ability on a regular basis who have now lost this functionality, however the security of the site and data is our top priority. 

    Due to the nature of the event, we cannot discuss anything further, however we can confirm this concern has been fully mitigated by other means as well and there has been no breach of, or loss of, any personal information.

    Thank you for your understanding, and any questions or concerns may be directed toward me on Discord.