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FluffyCobra_exe 11 months ago

You're not the sharpest tool in the shed mate :

I mean there's an option on YT to turn video into private you know, may come in handy in the future.

Thanks for the extra salt, was fun reading you.

Edit : I see he put video to private, nice try :

Edit 2 : Copyright claimed by "FluffyCobra", I wonder who that is...

Claim this one now ----->

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I was wondering if it was possible to add to players link (like 24/7 and battlelog)

This site is very little known yet useful when it comes to find odd battlereports or to prove you were stat padding at some point (in case of susp stat ban).

Adding a link like"playernamehere"&cnt=20&start=&startdate= would allow people to have a quick look at someone's last 20 rounds.

It's very easy to bust cheater who lower their battlelog average stats by doing shit round on purpose or by hiding weapon/vehicle. Can also see when people use battle pickup in map where it's not supposed to be (accipiter in shanghai for example).

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TK666Slo 1 year ago

Please Burt-sama,

I didn't notice the link in report redirect in the BF3 GGC "profile" of the dude, just change the game to BF4 and magic magic the ban is here (and active)

Thanks Burt-sama

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actuallybadnoob1 - pb global cache 1 year ago

first time I reported this player the pb global dissapeared before admin could act, look like it's back to previous state

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