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    I was wondering if it was possible to add bf4cheatreport.com to players link (like 24/7 and battlelog)

    This site is very little known yet useful when it comes to find odd battlereports or to prove you were stat padding at some point (in case of susp stat ban).

    Adding a link like http://bf4cheatreport.com/?pid=&uid="playernamehere"&cnt=20&start=&startdate= would allow people to have a quick look at someone's last 20 rounds.

    It's very easy to bust cheater who lower their battlelog average stats by doing shit round on purpose or by hiding weapon/vehicle. Can also see when people use battle pickup in map where it's not supposed to be (accipiter in shanghai for example).

  • TheNotoriousDoge
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    I have a little tool on my site that does this, it use bf4db and link the player profile to bf4db site, it does everything under 2 seconds, you get to know if player is reported, banned or clean and it also display a link to http://bf4cheatreport.com/  battlelog, bfstats and 247fairplay.


    it's at the top of the page, right side, just put the current player name and it will display the status.

    You can also add the player name to the url, like this: https://www.bfautism.ga/?irussao