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    So today I got an permanent ban for no fucking reson on this plugin. I would say near all my servers uses this plugin and thats an big problem for me, and when I created a ticket on discord I got this, pls lock at this ticket

    So 1. Rude staff that dosent take if somone is asking you about why mine ticket havent been claimed in 3h. 

         2. After I notised that when somone is getting banned everyone on this shiti site will see it. And now I dont talk about that ban role I got on my accounts iam talking about my whole transcript about all my server I been playing life time. Why would somone that isnt EA give this shiti pluging accest to se kinda everything I been doing on that game.

         3. After then denied your ticket they muted you on all channels. So if you would like to expose one of the shiti moderators you cant. And dont even try to dm them privat. Then will not answer

        4. WOW an forum without an ban appeal in it. I guess that the owner really dosent give a shit and was like ¨yall lets create an discord server for fat people and there we can give them only accest to create an shiti ticket where our rude staff can deny becuse we dont have time for even helping them. 

    And yes I would love that everyone that been reeding to here go and check that ticket and see how kind support is. I will not give up on this permanent ban and I will keep trying my hardest to get contact with these people. Reply if you can help me in some how:)

  • AdinH0909
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    "The BAN is false" :