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Need your opinion - strange missile 3 years ago

Hi guys. it just happened on a match last night. I can upload more 3 minutes before when this strange missile hits my LAV.  As you can notice the server was running a conquest small map so it could not be a TV missile from a boat. Also it lacks the typical explosion when a TV missile  hits.

Looks more like a JDAM bomb but could not be from the Attack JET. The Jet who was attacking me dropped a JDAM few seconds before, it could not drop a second JDAM. Also this JDAM sorta of missile didn't fall from sky, it comes from the roof of the A building. So I suspect it was someone using a multihack tool?

Then this guy suddenly appears on A building roof and shoots me. I say he suddenly appears because there was a bunch of teammates near A and nobody notices him. Kinda strange. Could be him the one using the (supposed) multihack thing?

Thanks in advance for your opinion

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xHarryDorgasx please check again 4 years ago

This is another try I would ask to check if the guy is clean.
Reason: Suspicious Wallhacking Behavior
My first try were poor explained and lacks of video footage. Also probably this is my last attempt to check him to be honest. I want to play my game, I`m not a server owner nor a server admin. I`m not even on a Clan. I only came searching for help on BF4DB after countless weird situations I faced while fighting the guy in question. I`m not willing to spend more of the little time I have to play the game I like . Sure if I had more free time no doubt I could help BF4DB monitoring suspicious players but time is being scarce on my side

Video footage:
Considerations about the video:
Video recorded on the following rounds:
The video itself shows many times he knows the exactly time to get out from his cover or the enemy location. In the Second footage on the video he clearly following enemy players through the walls. . The last footage he smokes the room while following the enemy through the walls. And after killing the dude on this last footage he kinda feels free and relaxing not even patrolling the stairs for possibly more enemies coming.

Thanks for your attention and your help

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Claymore damage? 4 years ago

So while spectating a player to see if he is cheating or not i saw him passing through 2 enemy claymores. Such claymores were perfect positioned to his direction so he should take the damage but it does not occur nor on the following seconds
I would ask for your opinion. Is there some possibility of cheating or it is just some sort of spectator mode bug? Thanks in advance!

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