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clean registry 2 months ago

Fui banido há 3 anos por essa conta e o motivo não era claro. Durante os anos em que joguei esse jogo, adquiri boas habilidades e nunca usei nenhum tipo de programa para me ajudar a jogar melhor ou enganar o jogo. Agora, os proprietários do servidor estão verificando meu perfil e vinculando minha conta a este BAN injusto (pbbans), estou sendo banido de todos os servidores e não consigo entrar em nenhum clã,

por favor, remova minha história suja ou me ajude nessa situação

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Bug PunkBuster ! 2 years ago

Google translator Dear, I ask you to help you moderators administrators and for those who are in love with GAME (Battlefield) as I am, I am caveiraa06 I have a global banned global account for the punk buster with the wrong accusation of GAME HACKER php, I could not identify the reason for the ban, but I point out that I have never used and do not use any malicious program (hack) in this or any other game to benefit me, because I do not agree with these "tricks". I have no idea where to locate these types of programs. And I've never had this kind of problem since I've never used these programs. I did not spend money for nothing, for whatever reason I was receiving a punishment without doing absolutely nothing. Or is it now that a person improving their skills in the game has become a hacker? there is no direct accusation of hacker use by me. I would not even like it, because I DISCOUNT THESE TYPES OF APPLICATIONS AND DO NOT MAKE AN IDEA OF WHERE TO FIND THEM. I was informed by (PunkBuster) just that some kind of malfunction of PunkBuster and my PC was detected and that consequently resulted in blocking the GUILD the systems are subject to bugs. I am aware that there are a lot of people online who try to take advantage of certain games and it is an ungrateful fight, and studios always try to implement more and better systems to prevent games being unfair to those who play fair, I I do not understand who uses cheats to try to take advantage, because when I win an online match, I want to feel that it was me and my "skills" that achieved that victory. Even though these systems exist, players sometimes complain and rightly there are cheaters (and there are) but at least as bf4bd site visitors try to minimize and balance the game! I have already asked for several explanations of how this might have occurred or how I benefited from the game. For example: You were running without tiring; You fired without needing to reload any weapon; His shots did more harm than normal; or whatever types of tricks may exist in the game.
Even Balance's lack of objective explanation and the insistence on passing the same interference information on Punkbuster's operation demonstrate the fragility of the system and that it may be full of flaws and bugs, causing unexplained and uncharacteristic banishment, and the lack of to objectively detect what might have caused this interference or how a player would be unfairly benefiting from the matches. Also, any simple and harmless application can cause these misinterpretations of PunkBuster And even more discouraging, you play honestly, without using any hacker, sweat to reach a good level and perfect yourself in the game. To fulfill objectives to release certain weapons. All without cheating. And in the end being punished for no reason or explanation at all. Worst of all, permanently. Even Balance refuses to pass information on what happened, always passing the same "litany" that there was some interference in the normal operation of PunkBuster, even insisting several times, and there is no error code linked to the ban. To say that there was some kind of interference in the functioning of PunkBuster is not enough and very subjective. Unless Origin / EA can get Even to send me the actual errors and what caused this headache and forward it to my email, as it appears in the register so I can analyze what I could have caused such interference. It is an injustice, linked to a person who is not a hacker and who has never played any trick in the game. The main point at stake is that a player is being punished without having done anything at all, as we players have no condition of issuing checks without a direct accusation or even trying something in the dark. Primary Account banned ... I saw only as an option to make another account ... Linked secondary account In this way, I ask the support and understanding of the community to solve this problem ... I have no idea what may have caused this misinterpretation of the anti-cheater program (PunkBuster) in my primary account Caveiraa06, So I realized Punkbuster not that I assumed that systems are subject to bugs.

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