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Donation Methods 3 months ago

Apologies if this is explained elsewhere, but I'm having a bit of difficulty trying to figure out how best to financially support the work you guys do here. I try to keep my on-line fingerprints low, and I don't have a patreon account. For other organizations I support, there's been ways to schedule donations via paypal. What would you guys suggest to be the most low-profile way I could do monthly donations? If patreon is the only way to do it, I'll go ahead and sign up with them, but if there's a simpler way, please let me know.

I genuinely appreciate the work you do, especially since I play way more BF4 than is healthy, and having to contend with cheaters is a constant struggle.


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EnergyDC09 4 months ago


Reporting this player for having way too low of head-shot kill ratio, based on his number of kills and accuracy. These were played today (November 8), but older games show similar. I used the kill number from the battle report rather than the total number of kills. Matches were played on an infantry only rush server.

gun kills hs ratio accuracy report
AKU-12 25 0 0% 31% https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/1325574048761383424/1774447770/
AKU-12 21 0 0% 42% https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/1325570253721569792/1774447770/
SG553 27 3 11% 29% https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/1325561523827247616/1774447770/
SG553 40 0 0% 27% https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/1325555353175591424/1774447770/
SCAR-H SV 29 3 10% 25% https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/1325548675214477824/1774447770/

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OopsMyAimKeyLOL 2 months ago

I reported this player previously, but I'm hoping you can have another look at his stats. It's just insane. Most recently, the below report, from a round played on an infantry only rush server.  You just don't see a guy going 4X the kills of the next best player on that server, and his SPM is crazy. The only thing that's lacking to make this obvious is a very high HSKR, which if he's botting is obviously easy to avoid. Unfortunately, no spec slots on the WHG server. Thanks much.



bf4cheat report


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Report : HPS_BerTex 11 months ago

Reporting HPS_BerTex for cheating (bot) in this match;



You can see the highly unusual HSKR. In the above game report, 61 of 92 kills via head-shot. I recorded part of a match after the one I linked. When I started spec his kd was 17-1, and when I started recording, he simply tanked the game. There was no point in recording it so I stopped after 10 minutes. The video is here. Not sure why there's no sound.. OBS issue maybe.


This is the report of the match I recorded. After I stopped recording he again enabled the bot and ended up with a high HSRK.


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Tips For Creating A Report 1 year ago

Hello BF4DB peoples. I could use some tips on how to improve cheat reports. All 13 of the reports I've made so far have resulted in bans, but a few were set clean before another player filed another report. Generally, I don't bother reporting players unless they have a too-high head-shot kill ratio in matches I've played as that seems to be the only thing that is convincing. I've just filed another one that I'm not confident will be convincing to whoever looks at it, but it does have a high SPM and high HSKR, so maybe. The guy was very obvious in the match, but in stats, I don't know.. 

It seems to me that players can have very high SPM, very high KDs per match, and as long as they have a bot that mixes up body bones with occasional head-shots, and misses enough, there's nothing that can be done about that. Players only using ESP and a no-recoil macro seem impossible to prove cheating. I've specced players, but of course they know they are being watched. I've seen some other reports where one of the BF4DB staff asked the player to recreate a similar type of match result, recording it and making it available. Is that just a judgement thing? I don't want to file any reports that result in a player not being banned as other players may see that I'm 'hackusating' recklessly. 

Anybody have thoughts on how to catch that more subtle cheater that just pushes it a little to hard sometimes? Seems like all that's getting banned now is the low hanging fruit.

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HTNWER 2 years ago


26 of 59 kills via head-shot with AK5C

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