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Attention Nvidia laptop users 2 months ago

After testing, I found about that Nvidia driver 417.22 turns any laptop based Nvidia GPU into a GT 1030 DDR4 = basically all games run under 30FPS which makes it unplayable.

If you haven't installed this driver, don't install and wait for a new driver to come that fixes the problem.

If you installed before you knew about the problem, don't worry! Go to that website https://www.geforce.com/drivers and find your GPU, OS and language and choose "ALL", then search for 417.01 , then download the driver and in the Nvidia installer install driver but not GeForce Experience, for failsafe install. After installing the driver, download GeForce Experience https://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/download but hover above button and go for "New tab" for direct download (You'll have to log in again after installing).

Hope this helps

Best regards, 


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Need help for bug 2 months ago

Today I am still getting the visual bug affecting tanks and vehicles. I never had that before and now it affects my gaming impactively. I cannot kill helis anymore easy because reticle now smaller. And it's frustrating, to be honest. 

How do I fix it actually? 

P.S. Please write all methods in the reply so I can try every of them 

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Help with my dad's BF4 account 4 months ago

Guys I need help with my dad's account; he got banned by PunkBuster for no reason and it still persists to today.

The account was banned in 12th September 2018 and we went to EvenBalance to ask for ban appeal but the problem is that the "Alex J." is a robot that doesn't even tells the reason of ban and has no self-consciouess, so...

And I checked BF4DB profile, he not banned there but still banned by PunkBuster

The name of the account is: PrinzEugenTHC

What should I do?

Thanks for effort

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Origin won't start bc I deleted one file 5 months ago

I am stuck for hours searching for fix; manually deinstalled, watched YT for fix,...

Day before I deleted one file to have no problems with DirectX errors --> it was a profile  which saved the preferences what user did to settings in BF4.

I cannot play today because after running .exe and when I click Origin icon down twice, it's then a very small window with no workable buttons.

That means there is no login or to do anything other than OriginThin... .exe using CPU without doing anything other. 

Am I missing something?  I would like to hear the solution that actually works.

Sincerely, Legend1466

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oribasti RAWR hack 5 months ago

Both vids are full proofs, no need for another

First video shows that infantries can't destroy it.

First vid testing the damage (download please for max quality)

Second one shows team attempt to destroy it. Even tanks and AA and LAV can't destroy. When I died, you see that orange color is missing to show players. I once went with jeep to attempt with C4 and it disappeared.

Second vid (download please for max quality)

I would suggest to unmark this player as "clean" or/and make the player unable to join any BF4DB server with ban, even though it happened in a russian server neglected by admin.

Later all got disconnected from the server suddenly and the server disappeared from search.

P.S. Imgur and YT is too mainstream

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Title limited to 40 char wtf 5 months ago

It triggers and angers me at same time. Please expand up to 60 or 80. I can't even create title shorter than 40 chars :8 and english has many chars why limit to 40?

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Mine jeeps > c4 jeeps 6 months ago


-U have to just hit carefully then leave and your target goes off to space

-3 anti-tank mines can destroy anything in 1-5m radius at least

-bonus points and kills


- u die everytime u leave or hit

-u miss and u dead bc somebody kills you if you fail to flank


This is why

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This isn't a post 6 months ago

Bottom text

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