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Saxon76 clean status 1 year ago

Player was marked as clean



only 30hs over 107 kils but after other reports its interesting.


79 hs from 144 kills, around 50%)


around 40%, but yeah, ofc only 14-3. maybe luck


but here we go again - 50%+ hs, 37 above 63 total kills

around 20%+ hs but its not so suspicious


40hs , 90 kills total


yeah its low hsrk, only 67hs and 200+ kills totally.

all his old battlereports (2 weeks ago and older)  contain a very low figure of hsrk

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Rus_Voron smurf accounts. 1 year ago

I ll speak about this guy - http://prntscr.com/lh1at1 - https://bf4db.com/player/781234789 aka Rus voron, his another one account - https://bf4db.com/player/1039214056

Rus voron banned for linked acc Psixiator, but St-Voevoda not banned. St Voevoda linked to rus voron, idk why riotranz didnt ban him after a report. St voevoda marked as clean, but what i see on RGT with Web admin? http://prntscr.com/lh1bx0 same ips, link into "linked accounts"

And yes, this guy after a cheating on more then 4-5 accs did some smart moves like changing ips) So another 2-3 or 3 accs not linked and all with his banned

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Kulabandix and his smurfs 2 years ago

My target - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Kulabandis/ (https://bf4db.com/player/1082852932) 

In profile info of that account  http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/HDRuBiX/ (https://bf4db.com/player/1957364805) i see link on Kulabandis (on russian, but i am russian too and i understand what he wrote)

Banned today by live secure for dps hack on groza when played on Lux server, link into his investigating button

247 fairplay links - https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/Kulabandis

I came to the conclusion that this player played on several accounts and used all the possibilities of multihack, but on the main account and the official smurf he used only a part of the hack options, in this case the damage hack

+ I was also alarmed that the damage statistics on different weapons are almost identical.
HDRuBix - https://prntscr.com/k7gnkm and Kulabandis - http://prntscr.com/k7gorj

Difference only around a few % cuz i think this fact is influenced by the playing time of main acc around 1000h.

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0zDeadz0 and 0zDeadz00 same persons 2 years ago

https://bf4db.com/player/301382814  reported by me earlier have similar ip and same isp like banned for aimbot https://bf4db.com/player/363181355

This is my evidence from lux gaming panel.
http://prntscr.com/io3xcy - 0zDeadz0 ip\isp
http://prntscr.com/io3ybf - 0zDeadz00

I have no access to ACI, so cant research it for more info, but its really suspicious

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Have good mark but banned 5 months ago


Its a kind of bug?

Sry, thread can be deleted, after few website restarts this person were banned on 100%

P.s. In REg platoon this person have another account - https://bf4db.com/player/874597008

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Notifications 3 years ago

Its possible to notify people who reported hackers or possible hackers? I reported many and this is the problem in the end, I create sometimes  multiple reports , mostly suspicios players from TRM and Lux servers, where I play and try to help my friends\admins etc to catch cheaters. I'm in a situation when I can not remember and find a few players that I reported)))  

Do you plan such a function? Or it's easier for me to just do multiple reports on the forum?

Thx for Advise.

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skyfall-M18 More info 3 years ago


Yeah i know that he was banned by sitebot but I think that additional information will be useful


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