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shut_up_PunkB Glitching 8 months ago

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Dirty SS 11 months ago

also linked to

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Girds98 Aimbot 1 year ago

Stats are more obvious now than they were at the time of the original report a year ago.

This dude went from consistently sub 1.0 KPM rounds with virtually no headshots to on average 3-5 KPM with many >40% rounds with non-snipers in just a matter of rounds.,1262899087068573120,1259981269394050560,1259310221967221568,1259299574269338432,1259288527131108160,1258176057838477696&startdate=202007251946

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HanibalShoot 1 year ago

Large HSK/KPM increase.

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peperin979 Aimbot 1 year ago

HSKP/KPM on MG4 on July 1 2020.

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AfricanMatti 1 year ago

Dirty PBSS

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Pillemannjoe0 8 months ago

Captured in BF3 a few weeks ago:

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Dirty PBSS 1 year ago

Complex c72481af9c6d1cbc92e11e71afa1791d -

Guy has external crosshair overlay at minimum, probably full on ESP.  We stream to both ACI and PBBans who both banned him based on the PBSS.

Original, unedited PBSS are in the PBBans link above.

He is also linked to the following players by IP:

For what it's worth he appealed in my clan forums using "monitor overlay" as his BS excuse:

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murmelei Flying Cheat 2 years ago

Looks like he's too new to be in the DB but here are two vids of him.

"murmelei" is the name.

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How to find why someone was banned? 4 years ago

Just got the plugin up and running on our servers.  It promptly kicked "Kaine806" and I'm not sure why.  Looking over his stats I don't see any obvious issues.

We like to double check things to make sure we're not falsely banning people.  Does anyone have any idea why this guy is banned?

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