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Clean Player 8 months ago

You probably know No_Cheat_Turk: https://bf4db.com/player/175412196

I say he got wallhacks and macros. Why? Well, in the last 15 matches he had 263 kills and 4 headshot ribbons (1 at most per round), which means he got somewhere between 12 and 20 headshots in that time resulting in a HS/K% of 4.5-7.6%. You may have a round or two of that but not over that many rounds. He mostly played aws with one round of scar and two of famas. All on TDM.

He also played this round (http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/1130162238105942848/175412196/) vs a full on rage hacker with eliminating only, invisible and aimbot. While I would consider myself a pretty decent player, against that cheater you just wont to that. My efforts can be seen in the round before that: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/1130159682315189056/175412196/ and we played together, he also wasnt rage hacking for most of the round.

Lets get to the rest of it. Its really hard to proof if someone uses wallhacks and/or macros. He plays his aws with flir, heavy barrel and bipod (which he never uses) (https://gyazo.com/c5897782cc40e49449cb9175ac8edb9b). He runs the coyote with heavy barrel and bipod on his mtar aswell (https://gyazo.com/03016d14a724e92fc5f73ada0f09734c). And then he did this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eyLFH6zcFQ

I am not saying one cant be lucky but that is a bit too lucky, especially with those setups. I still have the full round on my drive but we destroyed him completly so its not of much use.

What I do however have is from an earlier encounter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F3SUvNVsk8 I basically wrote everything you need to know down in the video. After that I also joined after him to spectate him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQK8mPCLUdc

We all know the spectator is buggy as hell and barely helping, but we also know that if there is no mouse movement to counter recoil, as it is when someone is using a macro or aimbot, it looks like the first kill.

He also is the admin of said server (which I didnt know). I got kicked from the server, which tells us he somehow knows I was spectating. While it could have been that he checks who joined his server in procon after each death, I doubt that. You also dont randomly check the server page. So he somehow knows, ok. Why would you kick me though if there is nothing to see? He says "hacker" later but that doesnt answer why he kicked me from spectating. After I rejoin he never respawns as you can see.

I know its all just indication and no solid proof like aiming through walls and such yet at least to me its clear. To play against him feels exactly like playing vs miro

Edit: the last 15 battlereports as of writing this: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/1130576034071467392/175412196/















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XxXThePurgeXxX 8 months ago

High headshotrate: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/1028189500967664064/933045510/


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Ban Appeal 4 years ago

Are you guys serious?

You ban me for this? https://bf4db.com/player/ban/1792562096

You even could have read the chat of the video which has no sound for a reason. This is the original video. Do your research. The other guy already got banned by fairfight btw.

But yea its not possible to just use some common sense to know that I wasnt the one cheating. Nope, too hard.

This is the original video: 


You should rather ban the reporting member as he was knowingly trying to get me banned (although I dont cheat) by muting the video, which he achived because you didnt do any research. You also cant see that this video was recorded by me, not by his pov or via spectator but were too lazy to search for the video. If you justr would have searched for the name nextirasantos and bf4 on youtube you would have found my channel and my video.

And the sadest thing is that this guy even got it wrong. I just picked up the cheaters kit, I wasnt auto healing because I DONT CHEAT!

Why is it so hard to understand?

Get your things straight.

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