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  • Uncut_HeXe
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    Are you guys serious?

    You ban me for this?

    You even could have read the chat of the video which has no sound for a reason. This is the original video. Do your research. The other guy already got banned by fairfight btw.

    But yea its not possible to just use some common sense to know that I wasnt the one cheating. Nope, too hard.

    This is the original video:

    You should rather ban the reporting member as he was knowingly trying to get me banned (although I dont cheat) by muting the video, which he achived because you didnt do any research. You also cant see that this video was recorded by me, not by his pov or via spectator but were too lazy to search for the video. If you justr would have searched for the name nextirasantos and bf4 on youtube you would have found my channel and my video.

    And the sadest thing is that this guy even got it wrong. I just picked up the cheaters kit, I wasnt auto healing because I DONT CHEAT!

    Why is it so hard to understand?

    Get your things straight.

  • Uncut_HeXe
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    Hello, you have been unbanned, whitelisted and the user maliciously reporting you has been banned from our site. In the future I highly suggest not taking cheaters kits as it deters us from correctly doing our jobs, also dont expect us to search youtube for your channel if its not included in your soldiers description. 

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