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BAN APPEAL 1 month ago

Okay, it's been almost a year since my last appeal. Reading back on it, I want to reinstate myself and be honest and truthful. I obviously lied, I was a scummy hacker. Now, if you want to remove my ban is your choice. However, I promise not to ever do it again, and if you do not want to unban my account, may I at least buy Battlefield again under a new account without a IP Ban? I promise you guys that I will never do it again. It was a massive mistake to ever do it and I've noticed that. After my recovery (messages that I sent in the past), I've really wanted to play battlefield recently. Haven't installed it because I remembered of my ban. I deeply apologize and I regret hacking/cheating in the game. I know words will probably come hard to believe, and all you can really do is take my trust, but if you can't. I totally understand. However, I want to admit that 10 months ago, I lied. I am trash. I only started hacking under suspicions that everyone else was hacking, because I've seen quite a few. I suppose I should've just sucked it up and reported them instead of stooping down to their level and I see that now. I've made a massive mistake, and am hoping I get another chance. If there was some way that I can prove that I'll never hack again, I will do it. If you've read this, thank you. I will own up to my idiocy and lack of integrity. If you don't accept, then I understand your choice. If you do, then I really appreciate it, and I thank you for taking your time to give me one last chance, a second chance.

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Question to the Moderators 1 year ago

Hello, I've put a ban appeal a week ago (I haven't posted another one in there because of the rules in order to reply to the mods), I couldn't record a video for the reason that I had gotten hit by a vehicle like a day I shared that, I can share the hospital reports of my incident to as proof. I was wondering if there was any idea I can still appeal once I recover? I ask this because I haven't been up to playing games do to my incident do to the pain. So is there any way I could extend the investigation?

As said, I am willing to show proof since that I can agree, this does sound like a big excuse or a freak accident to be true.

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Ban Appeal 1 year ago

Soldier Name: SnarrDarr
Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile
Have You Claimed Your Soldier: Yes
Appeal:  It appears that I've been banned for "Suspicious Stats," I had reviewed the reports and I can fairly well explain each individual one. Firstly, let me state off why people may be suspicious. "New Account, doing to well." Yes, I've never played battlefield on PC and yes this is a new account, I have not made one before. However, I have played numerous shooting games on PC before such as Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, CSGO, and Etc. So.. I know mouse control quite well, and easily control recoil of my guns in Battlefield 4, since I combine what I've learned. Plus, I have played Battlefield on Playstation 4 before. In case you would like to review my previous stats on that account or would be curious into seeing accuracy there and combine the two, It is SynthGalaxy. I haven't played Playstation 4 within a year or two now, especially Battlefield 4 on there. If I could remember the login credentials, I will be gladly to change the clan tag there to confirm it is me.

Reviewing the accuracy, I've seen that my Type 88 and LSAT (for a LMG) is pretty high. While, Yes. I agree. However, I did have it equipped with bipod, and with bipod lowering the accuracy by substantial amount, I can confirm that I've gotten headshots rather easy, but not just because of that. Most of it built up because we were on Operation Locker and we had our enemies pushed back in their spawn, practically spawn trapping them. So I just aimed high for quick and easy damage, and tried to get headshot ribbons of course so it can build up my rank and level my support class easily. Also, reviewing the report about the Map "Flood Zone." He claimed I had aimbot just for my score. It's laughable to me because I remember that game, and I had people defending me in fact. I even tell people that if they soul heartedly believe that I have aimbot, that they are free to spectate me or grab an admin to spectate me. I haven't at all been banned or kicked by any admins (besides high ping). I also went to a server with the clan "TBAG," one of the clan members was there as I was being claimed a hacker on the map Operation Locker, even he claimed that I wasn't hacking at all yet he had the admin on standby because he knows the admin of the server. I've told people numerous times to spectate me and that it isn't that hard. People always claimed that they're recording and they'll report me, and by looking at my reports nobody sent "video evidence." Either because they lied, or they know that I haven't hacked. In my opinion, I dont know why someone would record ingame and call someone a hacker without spectating them and recording so that they can see the perspective and see if it's true, but that's just my opinion.

High Score for a low level as I said previously is of course "Suspicious." However, as I've said, I'm not new to Battlefield and had played it before. I've played Battlefield 3, 4, Hardline, and 1 on Console and 5 in it's Open Beta stage. So somebody said about my AK5c Accuracy, Yes it was my best gun that game, and 40 percent accuracy was because most of the time I had flanked them since most were snipers, so they were on their stomachs half the time. It was easy kills, could I have knifed them? Yes, why didn't you? Because I wanted to level up my carbines. Since I really wanted to get the ACE 52 CQB badly since it was one of the most used, and perhaps in my opinion the best carbine. So that hences why my accuracy was high up, I found ways to flank them since it was on the map Lancang Dam and they were trying to hold us back with snipers. The gamemod being rush of course.

Next up the map Dawnbreaker 48k With the SRR sniper rifle (which in my opinion is the best sniper in the game to do it's long range and hardly any bullet drop but of course it's still there) 52 Headshots. So, we all know that Sniper Rifles hardly one shot in the body so you're forced to reckon with headshots which is exactly what I've done. I've aimed for the head, and since it was rush again and we were on the side portion of the map where they spawn on the ramp or near that one building which is in there spawn, they were mostly going up there as I was on the side down the stairs watching them, waiting for them to peek with snipers which they kept doing. So we had them held back and I kept picking them off, some would even try sniping me from the bottom portion to and I kept picking them off. I don't really see how the reporter says "Blatant Hacker" when in technicality, people just stood still trying to snipe me and hardly moved even after hearing a bullet whistle past them.

So yeah, I tried to explain each report to the best of my abilities and claimed why each is for what it is, and how It could seem suspicious and what not which I totally understand. The power is under your hands if you guy's really believe I'm hacking, I can't control that. From my standpoint I surely can claim I'm not.

EDIT: Just to prove that SynthGalaxy is my Console name, I had changed the Clan Tag to the one that my PC account SnarrDarr has. (PS3 Version) (PS4 Version)

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