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New Procon Version 4 years ago

Hi All,

I have an updated version of procon and would like people to try it out. I will be doing another release to test the auto-updater next week. Check out the topic below to download it.

  • Fixed auto-updater to point to the new domain name
  • Fixed procon usage stats
  • Updated old links

I wanted to post here on BF4DB so it gets more exposure.

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Procon Forums Down, New One Created 3 years ago

Now that the procon forums has been taken offline, I would like to share a new home for them. ColColonCleaner (AdKats) and I (BFACP) created this so that all plugin support and be back in one place. It'll take time to get all the posts back up for each plugin but for now, we have something centralized for it.

All previous plugin developers are welcome to join that. 

The new address is

Please note that we have not become the official owners of the procon name, it's an unofficial one but one that can hopefully be around for a while. 

EDIT (7/4/19):

All previous user accounts were deleted when the site went down. You will need to create a new account.

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