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ACI evidence suspended from BF4DB 6 years ago

Dear Community,

today, on the 02nd of February 2018, we decided to suspend any evidence of cheating, hosted by the AntiCheatInc (short ACI), from being used to issue valid bans on BF4DB. This suspension takes effect immediately.

We kindly ask you not to report players based on evidence that is only hosted on ACI and/or publish any ACI native information in public BF4DB threads (as already mentioned in their own policy regarding playerdata).

 As we are not able to confirm PunkBuster violations or valid PunkBuster Screenshots that have only been logged on ACI we are discontinuing ACI data as valid evidence to base reports and bans on.

If you want to report a player based on an ACI-logged violation please check the player's PunkBuster guid on GGC and PBBans. If the violation is also logged at either of these two services we will be able to issue a permament ban based on what was provided. If that is the case please provide a link to the GGC/PBBans violation/ban in the report thread.

If the violation is NOT logged at either GGC or PBBans we can't and won't issue a valid suspension on BF4DB.

According to ACI's policy you may be banned from their website and tools for publishing playerdata they collected, so for your own security please refrain from posting anything from ACI here on BF4DB. Any post/thread found to be violating their policy will be removed or censored immediately to protect you and your access at ACI.

We are open minded about this suspension and will consider revoking it if we receive basic permissions over at ACI allowing us to at least validate reports that have been made based on evidence only hosted on ACI.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

Your BF4DB team!

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A few words about a debated glitch.. 7 years ago

Greetings BF4DB community!

As this has been quite a big topic in the last couple of days which even resulted in a ban (that has been lifted again!).

I wanted to make this post and the following video to clear up the situation

and emphasize that this in fact is a repeatable G L I T C H  and not an RPM Hack as previously assumed.

I beg your pardon for my (censored) wording in the video, however certain people did bring me into a situation where I lost my mind due to ignorance and other private stuff that I won't further explain.

I have recorded this video on an empty BF4DB streaming server to prove that this is a glitch and not an RPM hack.

This video is one of the best examples that Battlefield 4 is still not a bug-free game even 4 years after its release.

Any reports based on this glitch will be rejected.

If this gets out of hand again we will have to start suspending forum accounts to break up the fight.

Yours faithfully,

Nadeko, BF4DB Staff.

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