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ACI evidence suspended from BF4DB 11 months ago

Dear Community,

today, on the 02nd of February 2018, we decided to suspend any evidence of cheating, hosted by the AntiCheatInc (short ACI), from being used to issue valid bans on BF4DB. This suspension takes effect immediately.

We kindly ask you not to report players based on evidence that is only hosted on ACI and/or publish any ACI native information in public BF4DB threads (as already mentioned in their own policy regarding playerdata).

 As we are not able to confirm PunkBuster violations or valid PunkBuster Screenshots that have only been logged on ACI we are discontinuing ACI data as valid evidence to base reports and bans on.

If you want to report a player based on an ACI-logged violation please check the player's PunkBuster guid on GGC and PBBans. If the violation is also logged at either of these two services we will be able to issue a permament ban based on what was provided. If that is the case please provide a link to the GGC/PBBans violation/ban in the report thread.

If the violation is NOT logged at either GGC or PBBans we can't and won't issue a valid suspension on BF4DB.

According to ACI's policy you may be banned from their website and tools for publishing playerdata they collected, so for your own security please refrain from posting anything from ACI here on BF4DB. Any post/thread found to be violating their policy will be removed or censored immediately to protect you and your access at ACI.

We are open minded about this suspension and will consider revoking it if we receive basic permissions over at ACI allowing us to at least validate reports that have been made based on evidence only hosted on ACI.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

Your BF4DB team!

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Identity theft and impersonation 1 year ago

Hello everyone,

the first time this happened to the Evenbalance employee AlexJ we thought this would be a one-time troll thing but it seems like this evolved into a trend.

BF4DB reserves the right to change a user's account name in case identity theft has taken place.

Identity theft and/or impersonation (ergo stealing someone else's contact information, profile pictures and names in order to pretend to be said person on the BF4DB forums) will result in a warning and a renaming of the affected account. The second offense will result in a renaming of the affected account and a permanent forum suspension without any warnings.

Best regards,

BF4DB Team

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BF4DB FAQ Collection 5 months ago

Hello everyone,

this took quite a long time for us to get to but now we are finally planning on adding an official BF4DB FAQ page for new users to (hopefully) get their main questions about BF4DB and other anti-cheat related things answered.

The main purpose of the FAQ page will be to address frequently asked questions that the BF4DB staff had to personally deal with for the past 6 months.

I am writing this thread to collect a few questions the community feels should be included in the FAQ. We will definitely add the most popular ones from the comment section and the ones we as the BF4DB staff team think should be answered once for all.

Submissions can be made in the comment section down below and upvoted with the reputation button!

Best regards,

Your BF4DB Team.

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10/30/17 Unexpected Plugin Downtime 1 year ago

Dear BF4DB community,

we are currently experiencing unexpected downtime of our plugin due to circumstances out of our control. The DST (Daylight saving Time) changes from the 29th of October, 2017 led to unexpected issues resulting in the downtime of our BF4 anti-cheat plugin.

We are currently working on it and will advise when the issue is resolved. If you are using the plugin, it will not be functional until it has been fixed.

To get live updates on the situation join our official Discord server by clicking the following link!

If you have any questions regarding this matter feel free to make a post below!

Best regards,

BF4DB Team

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Official BF4DB Platoon / Discord Server! 1 year ago

Hey all!

As you may or may not have noticed yet, BF4DB has its own official community Discord Server!

Everyone may feel free to join and enjoy their time with the community. The chatrooms avalable in our Discord are not only Battlefield and / or anti-cheat themed and can be used for both tech support if needed and even discussions about real life events, experiences and other stuff you might want to share with others.

Our Discord server is the fastest way to both contact our staff team and get live announcements about BF4DB's status, maintenance dates and other updates such as new launched BF4DB plugin versions that you can download here:

You can join our Discord Server either by clicking the huge "JOIN US ON DISCORD" button at the bottom of our page or with the following link !

If you don't have Discord installed yet definitely download it for free and enjoy it's full functionality!

Discord download:

A short explanation i wrote on how Discord's basic features work can be found here:

Apart from our Discord server BF4DB finally opened a Battlelog Platoon every non-banned player may feel free to join!

Just hit the APPLY button and we will accept your application as soon as possible!

If you have any questions about our Discord server, the Discord software in general or out Battlelog platoon feel free to drop your questions below in the comment section. We will answer them as soon as possible!

Best regards,


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Infractions and Warnings on BF4DB 1 year ago

Hey all!

For the past 3 months we, as the BF4DB staff team, haven't really done much against violations of any policies / rules of conduct in our forums because of a few simple reasons. First and foremost we are lacking the time to really enforce every single violation. We are occupied with either developing and improving the website in general and/or our tools, that may be used by obtaining one of our future subscription plans, or just reviewing and processing user reports.

People seem to have noticed this and started violating our policies, rules of conduct and other announcement posts we put out, more than ever before. Because of this fact we are currently developing a warning + punishment system to ensure security and respect for both site users and the BF4DB staff team.

As we currently do not have said warning + punishment system online all warnings will be spoken out by staff members through a private message in the forums. Said warnings are valid and will be enforced accordingly. As soon as the warning system is online prior warnings will be taken over into the system.

Warnings contain a few keywords at the start or within the warning itself to make clear that the private message is a valid warning, a short statement from the staff member speaking out the warning, the warning count (taking prior warnings into account) and the specific reason a warning was spoken out for.

You may receive 3 warnings in total before being punished with a permanent forum suspension.

Currently BF4DB staff warnings work with the following principle; (Updated: Constitution date)

- First warning : No punishment.

- Second warning : No punishment.

- Third warning : Permanent BF4DB Forum suspension. reserves the right to change the warning roster listed above at any time without any notice.

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BF4DB is NOT in violation of EA's ToS! 1 year ago

Hello all!

As this seems to have evolved into the trend of naming and shaming BF4DB in numerous forums spread across the internet, I will make this first and last official informational post about BF4DB and its current situation within EA's Terms of Service to clear up this entire situation and assure our service users that it is 100% safe to stream to us and use our plugins.

In advance; BF4DB does NOT violate any of ElectronicArts' set Terms of Service / Rules of Conduct for the Battlefield Frenchise!

On the 27th of July 2017 DICE published the newest serverside patch listed under the buildnumber R59. This patch contained multiple crash and performance fixes aswell as the removal and/or filtering of certain Punkbuster commands and banlist exploits on the Official preset which enabled server admins to remove unwanted players (in our case convicted cheaters) from their server.

The one and only command we used within our plugin to keep official servers clear was filtered out with the R59 server build being 'pb_sv_badname'.

What does that mean for BF4DB?

Neither we, nor anybody else running their server on the R59 server build is able to issue and/or execute any of the removed commands on the official server preset proven in the following video I recorded myself a few days ago. The video contains a live selfban on BF4DB and a few demonstrations of said removed commands in the Punkbuster console within the ProCon Frostbite application.

Players targetted by the command were removed from the gameserver for the following reason which was definitely not the case in the video provided above.:

Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'xxxxxx' (for x minutes) ... Bad (Disallowed) Name

If you are still finding yourself getting kicked from official servers it might be caused by certain servers still using the old R58 server files which do not contain the Punkbuster filter making the old version of the BF4DB plugin functional again but only on these specific non-updated servers. Unfortunately we can not do anything about this so you would be better off just playing on servers that have updated to R59 instead of making houndreds of threads on the Battlefield Forums about our plugin "violating the ToS". New plugin versions do not contain the needed strings to issue Punkbuster kicks on pre-R59 servers so that issue should be resolved aswell as soon as admins using old server files update their BF4DB plugin.

What does that mean for users of our services?

To cut a long story short, NOTHING. Due to the recent R59 server patch neither BF4DB itself nor users of our services are in violation of any ToS/RoC agreements made with EA.

We have updated our plugin's source code and removed any strings  that were connected to official server management as it is not functional anymore anyway. 

If you find any posts or complaints made against BF4DB claiming that we violate EA's Terms of Service in any way feel free to link this thread in their post proving them wrong.

We are open for any questions concerning this matter so feel free to ask!






Best regards,


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Streamed Punkbuster Violations on BF4DB 1 year ago

Hello everyone!

As this has been quite a big topic recently I wanted to make this post to clear up the situation and explain some thing.

Most of you should be aware that other third-party anti cheat organisations such as GGC and / or PBBans stream server logs and filter out Punkbuster kicks that have been issued due to a Punkbuster Violation. We at BF4DB do the same!

The reason why I am saying this is because some of you might have doubts in the legitimacy of these streamed Punkbuster Violations on BF4DB because they aren't listed on any other service but ours. A simple explanation for this is that not every server that is streaming to BF4DB, streams to other third-party services thus we are the only ones keeping track of their server's logs and the Punkbuster Violation kicks issued on them.


We, the BF4DB staff get to see these violations logged in a hidden section in every player's profile that will be made public as soon as we have everything figured out.

The sole purpose of this entire thread is to prove that violations logged on BF4DB are legitimate bans issued by Evenbalance. Only because they aren't logged on other third-party streams such as GGC it does not mean that they are non-existent!

At this current point BF4DB logged over 1.200 Punkbuster Violations of which some didn't hit GGC/PBBans' databases yet!

As all anti cheat organisations are somehow sitting in the same boat and fighting against the same enemy being cheaters in online games we, BF4DB, suggest you to stream to both BF4DB and other third-party services such as GGC or PBBans to improve your own server's security, but also the security of new servers that are yet to be added to streaming services!

Best regards,


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Rules of Conduct; Reports Subforum 1 year ago

Hello everyone,

in this post I would like to point out the original purpose of the subforum and our primary intentions when creating this subforum.


For the past two months we haven't really done anything against the numerous misusages of this subforum. However incidence of misusage have started to occur more frequently thus I decided to make this post and clear the subforum.

As already mentioned in the description, this subforum was intended to be used for reports against players, who have been cleared by the BF4DB staff due to lack of evidence and/or several other reasons that I won't further explain.

The following Rules of Conduct shall become law from 07/16/2017! (Updated: Constitution date)

  • This subforum is to be used for reporting players that have been tagged as clean by BF4DB staff for unspecific reasons.
  • Do not report players, who have already been banned either by BF4DB staff or our Site Bot.
  • Do not report players, who weren't tagged as clean by BF4DB staff.
  • Do not publish any private and / or personal data of either yourself or the player you intend to report.
  • Do not include any sexually explicit content in your reports.
  • Do not include any insults and / or racial slurs in your reports.
  • Follow the reporting template that is to be found at the top of this sub forum as a sticky post.

Violation of the listed rules of conduct may result in forum / report power restrictions and / or the termination of your BF4DB user account.

Best regards,

BF4DB Staff.

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A few words about a debated glitch.. 1 year ago

Greetings BF4DB community!

As this has been quite a big topic in the last couple of days which even resulted in a ban (that has been lifted again!).

I wanted to make this post and the following video to clear up the situation

and emphasize that this in fact is a repeatable G L I T C H  and not an RPM Hack as previously assumed.

I beg your pardon for my (censored) wording in the video, however certain people did bring me into a situation where I lost my mind due to ignorance and other private stuff that I won't further explain.

I have recorded this video on an empty BF4DB streaming server to prove that this is a glitch and not an RPM hack.

This video is one of the best examples that Battlefield 4 is still not a bug-free game even 4 years after its release.

Any reports based on this glitch will be rejected.

If this gets out of hand again we will have to start suspending forum accounts to break up the fight.

Yours faithfully,

Nadeko, BF4DB Staff.

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