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Linked account ? 1 month ago

RealCake claimed both of these accounts

This one is the same person, as ohmyzouie

I know because this player made it a point to troll me on both accounts

Not sure if i'm misunderstanding what im seeing it appears these  3 accounts are linked .

Just wanted to bring light to it if im wrong im off it

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Possible , player of interest For ADMIN 8 months ago

I have Video of a player that would be named in the video I'd really like for Bf4DB staff to

Review if possible , anyway to keep it private to admins view only for now ?

Can players use Hacks on a Private server ?  Does it worry you if they do , since it

means they have them installed ?  not me juts wondering . 

video is already uploaded , just want to know where to privately link it

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Closure of 10 months ago

Hello BF4DB , Thank you for all you guys do .

I wanted to ask does the closure of Bf4Stats affect the update of bf4db stats ?

In the past if i updated someones profile it would then help update them here on bf4db

Just curious thanks Much ~Nerd~

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BF4 & BF4DB Multiple game accounts 1 year ago

Hello BF4FB Staff

I would like to formally ask Is their a Violation of any sort To Play/use/Own Multiple individual

accounts /Not name changing 1 account .

I have multiple accounts  due to:

1: being a OCD tryhard

2: Thinking i came up with a witty funny name ...

3: I've been known to make accounts just for One Class

4: having to good of an income and a flagrant disregard for good use of money

Do all accounts need to be Tied/ claimed  to my Forums name , its ok if i do need to .

Please Advise,     overall ..

I would like to Thank the BF4DB staff for all that you guys do,  I try to help by reporting and the occasional Donation

Thank  you,    Matt / Nerd

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