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  • Lester
    Member since 3 years ago

    Wallhack or Maphack

    He is recording with wallhack

    Really? No way this guy is Clean he picks You for revenge on a full server... HOW without ESP

    Vehicle Aimbot

  • _Malevolxnce_
    Member since 2 years ago

    I'm glad my editing is so good that it fooled somebody, that's a transparent rectangle that I attached to the enemy players by using a tracker after playing and editing the video for youtube. My gameplay does not look like that.

    If you watch the video a little longer where I had to track multiple enemies and one runs behind a bush, you can see that the rectangle that was previously tracking a player goes a bit crazy and moves around sporadically. That's because I couldn't tell where he was and for the video's sake (entertainment) I tried to replicate the path which he ran. Slow down the video and watch that part:

    The same irregular movement occurs when that player runs out of sight moments later for the second time over the little drop, that was a pain to edit btw.


    Here's the evidence for LesterGrossman cheating, CONGRATULATIONS YOU PLAYED YOURSELF:

    I know this player has been marked as "clean" but to whichever mod that reads this thread: you really need to see this footage, he's not clean.

  • Scavenger
    Member since 4 years ago

    Is indeed edited in. Not the best idea to do after your main received a wrong PB ban tho, can cause a lot of misunderstandings. But that is my personal opinion.

    Please report the player you think is cheating via their BF4DB page. If they are set to clean post the report on our forums.

    Mind that a video from your own perspective is often not enough, spectator view is better. Also try to get at least one and a half minute of footage.

  • Scavenger
    Member since 4 years ago


    This player has been cleared by BF4DB

    Reason: Clean Stats

    This thread is now closed

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