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  • zero_tolerance_s
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    Yesterday, I've seen some incredible shots performed by this dude. Example: attack heli charges his LAV, causing some serious damage on the vehicle. He jumps out and while being engaged with the auto cannon and Zuni rockets, he fires an RPG against the heli and kills it instantly. Like in less than a half a second. In the death screen he shows up with 100% health, even I was shooting at him from point blank, with the auto cannon and Zuni. The pilot and me were baffled. 2 minutes later he kills the attack heli again, shooting an unlased LAV TOW rocket from south of C flag all the way up to the northern map edge on Goldmund map. He does that 3-4 times. Really long range TOW kills, like 300 or 400 meters away. He stars bragging about his phenomenal skills, etc. Me and my buddy jumped in 2 tanks decided to silent this dude. He kills both tanks, shooting the same TOW, from behind the horizon. One shot kill. I've fired at him 3 sabot rounds, (confirmed hits) and 2 guided shells. He manage to kill my tank and in the death screen he shows up with 100% health.  At this point, his score was something like 50-1. In conclusion, this guy is even the best player in BF4 with some insane skills and superhuman senses or is using aimbot and wall cheat. How can I confirm any of this? Please help.

  • Burt
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