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    Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, Multihack

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    It is very hard to get video because as soon as you start specing him it shuts off. He starts running around the map doing nothing or gets in a vehicle. I added a short video showing him no scoping across map right as I started specing. Of course after a few moments he detects I am specing and it turns off.

    He is running 4x and Ergo grip on his Scar-H SV. Peaks out looking at you and insta kills.

    He changed his name to mine after I called him out. I speced him before back when his name was different and he was playing LMG and shaking blatantly. Unfortunately i did not get video of that and did not realize it was the same person until I checked BF4DB.

    If you need additional video I can try and get it, I just have to time it right as I only get a few seconds of video when I start specing before he detects it.

    Thank you!

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    THE VIDEO:  Shows nothing more than a sniper randomly shooting a few shots, (seeming trying to 'scare' a guy out from behind a rock);  Failing to do so, it is followed up by a very brief scoped scan of the island. 
     Due to recent in-game antics, Several Players recently had changed their names to variants of 'go-revivalll' (details below);  it is unclear if this is even me.

    THE COMMENTS:  None of this in-game 'drama' is a worthy BF4DB.COM concern.
     My name change, (current&previous), is/was a nothing more than a Retort to Ongoing spiteful attempts (from the above and his platoon mate) to troll myself and several others. You will find that MULTIPLE players had (temporarily) changed their PlayerNames to Similar for the exact same reason.
     The user above (and his platoon mate) are WELL KNOWN for troll-like activities such as Team-Ramming, Attempted Team-Kills, Non-Stop Verbal Abuse (both in-game and via 'Spectator mode'), Racist/Sexist comments, Misinterpretation/Fabrication of actual events, and constant 'Hackusations/Threats to Report&Ban' anyone that will pay attention to them.  --  Everyday, they seem to pick a different target.
    -----       All of which, Again, I realize are NOT BFDB.COM worthy events; -- However, it being said, I had to address it.

     I am saddened that this in-game toxicity has come so far that it has been brought here. In the interest of 'Good Faith', as well as (yet another) attempt to calm the in-game toxicity generated -  I will change my PlayerName ASAP, and will remain silent towards the onslaught of verbal and in-game Troll-like abuse the above offers.

    I thank BF4DB.COM for their fair and just inquiry into this concern.

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    This player has been cleared by BF4DB

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