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    Soldier Name: AnGrYBaNaNa_TN Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile: Have You Claimed Your Soldier: yes Appeal: it says that the reason for my ban is for linked account ( ) but the account that i got linked to i don't have any connection with it and i got falsly accused for being linked to it (the link for his ban and here's his pbban link ( ) and just to know i didn't play bf4 for 8 months and i was surprised with this ban out from no where and i have a clean record on pbbans i ve only played on this account and this computer but it could be a misunderstanding because my brother did have a linked account that he had used some cheats on it a really long time ago and he got banned on it other than this i really don't have any idea why i got this ban.I never used cheats nor ill ever think of using it in the future and you can check my account stats they are normaland not suspicious, so could you please fix this i have dedicated a lot of hours in this series and would like to be able to play again.

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    Appeal has been denied once due to valid link. Do not make more appeals or your forum access would be terminated.