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Clearning A Cheater With a Cheater? 1 week ago

If you seriously tell me there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with this, you can guarantee I'll never be back here again.

0:35 the fun REALLY starts.

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BPM Hack Effects Vehicles? 1 month ago

I've noticed that specific people can occasionally fire 13 rounds from an LAV.  Is this proof of BPM manipulation?  When it does occur, it is after the round count hits zero, a round is physically seen being fired along with sound and impact animation on target.  This is also on HC mode 3rd person veiw so that round count can be seen.


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For Hockeeeeeyyyy 2 weeks ago

Oh it's on =D

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Missing Profile but EA Shows It 1 month ago

Turndo is not on your DB but this is his BF4 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/Turndo/stats/352691953/pc/

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Feedback - Possible Update 1 month ago

Maybe you already have it in the works, the player data screen needs a way to sort by ascending or descending order and a way to scroll and see all weapons.

This next suggestion IDK if it's even possible, but some kind of vehicle stat breakdowns as well?


I do not see an option to delete this message so I will edit here.

I now see you can sort by just clicking, the mouse cursor just does not change to show you can.

So maybe make that the suggestion, add a mouse over cursor to show you can sort the list.  And also an option to delete a post if no one has responded to it to keep forums tidy?

Did find a bug, when you sort the data found, sometimes it duplicates and quadruples some of the individual weapon damages.

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DMG Category? 1 month ago

Welcome back,

We missed you!  Now that that is out of the way, is the DMG Category the h:k ratio in percentage form?


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