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Bug abuse and glitch cause ban? 2 months ago

Does the BF4DB ban for this?

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Relationship 2 months ago

Is it possible to ask for motivational help on this site? I need advice (It's not something a psychologist needs, and sorry if it's too out of the ordinary for this site).

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We must relax some of the problems. 3 months ago

I want to wish you all a good afternoon, good day and good night, wherever you are.

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Car4_Preta 3 months ago

It was put as Clean, in this video is clearly hitkill and aimbot


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No video "aimbot" proof and i got ban 4 months ago

Playing this game is 3 years with AEK, full locker, you show me reports with half of my kills with headshot and this is proof that I use aimbot? and this is how I am banned by aimbot? for having half the kills in a headshot game? Really? 87 kills 48 headshot is to be aimbot? I do not have suspicious status and yet I am banned? To be proof that I use aimbot it takes more than that, you must have recorded me in the spectator to "prove" that I use aimbot.

I'm still waiting for a video where my aim instantly pulls.

reports that I "try to aimbot"

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