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dice paint 3 months ago

Do you know how to unlock dice paint that can be equipped on a gun? Instead of the role dice paint, I think this black paint, which is not the default paint, looks good, but I don't know how to unlock it. Thank you

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cp30? 6 months ago

What kind of equipment is gp30 high explosive bomb? Why can't I see it in the equipment bar? How can I unlock it?

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Happy BF4 9 months ago

d19eb9389b504fc2d5b5fc3deadde71191ef6d54.jpgWhat are these players doing?

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A question about anti-cheating plugins 1 year ago

Hello, I don't know what I did, I'm sure I didn't do anything, I just haven't played BF4 for a long time, but yesterday I just joined the server and found that I was always expelled by anti-cheating plug-ins, i tried it on my friend's account and it was fine. So I seem to have been banned from the anti-cheat Plugin, which I did yesterday, but no one ever responded to me. That's why I want it done here.This really makes me a little angry, perhaps you can try to check my online time, it is enough to prove that I did not play.

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Banned for no reason 1 year ago

Since I hadn't played BF4 in a long time, but today I kept getting kicked out of pb, I could say I hadn't even started the game, let alone cheated, my ID was Ihhhhhhhhu, and I was hoping to solve this here,

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I hope you can answer me 1 year ago

I want to know if battlefield 4 is banned, will battlefield 3 be affected?

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Take a look! ! ! ! 1 year ago

Oh well, I think I have a problem again, I found my origin can not log in! ! !! Even if you log in, BF4 will be out of touch with EA online

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who can help me 1 year ago

Here's what it says: you lost your connection to the game,

I always have such a problem recently. Does anyone have a solution?

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Who can answer my question 1 year ago

Is it cheating to unlock a gun by killing your best friend?

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