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A little bf4 compilation you might enjoy 1 year ago

Hey you all!

yesterday evening I felt the need again to do a little editing, so I cut together this little compilation of sniping clips on rouge transmission. Dropping bodies with an sr in hardcore is a little op, but huge fun nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the classic song "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire with it, I think it fits pretty well!

All the best

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A little upbeat battlefield montage 2 years ago

Hey you all!

Today I wanted to do a little different video to my other ones with all the scrap recordings of random moments I collected over the last months. And what better song could you choose then some upbeat classics like "Sunny"? :)

I hope you enjoy!

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BI_0NDlE glitching 2 years ago

Hey all!

I was wondering, if glitching is considered a "ban-worthy crime" on here? Specifically:
- going up on the rooftops on TDM on Zavod by using the MAV-trick and
- somehow(?!?) getting up on the roofs of the highest tower on Siege of Shanghai TDM

Both is normally not possible and while spectating BI_0NDlE on Zavod trying to do the glitch, I got kicked, presumably by fairfight (couldn't tell because of the dumb in-game server browser)

Please let me know, if these kinds of abuse are considered bannable here, then I can upload a video.

Best regards!

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