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can we get unbanned please. 3 months ago

BF4DB Ban Appeal:

Soldier Name: (Evilgurkha) got that name from cigars I smoke I'm proud American that served 8 happy years in USMC 

Have You Claimed Your Soldier: (Yes.)
Appeal: I don't understand why i got banned been playing for years, no fairfight or PB issues, use to play on Xbox same account then went to pc with my account. This is only game besides diablo I play,  all I know some clan member with 117 kills claimed I was cheating guess he was upset i got the upper hand on him not sure but funny he was not reported.  I've played may hours I always try aim center mass like was taught in USMC and and let the recoil walk up into neck head area. 

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How do I claim my solider 3 months ago

lol it ask for clan tag, I'm not in clan where is clan tag?

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how do i get unbanned? 3 months ago

I don't  know why I was banned been playing for years, All I know is some clan member with 117 kills in pearlmarket accused me of cheating next thing i know no questions asked was banned,  I'm 55 years old only games i play is BF$ and diablo. so how do I appeal this????

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