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Ban Appeal 5 months ago

Soldier Name: Nizhnevartosk
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Dear BF4DB administrator (Sorry for my bad English), 4 months have passed since my ban, the reason for my ban is not clear and it is extremely unfair to me and what I dedicated to the game. I am an honest player and I am always a type of player, which explains why my accumulated kd is average, but that doesn't incriminate me: not just because someone has an average kd, someone is cheating, I worked so hard to get a kd best when using vehicles, “armored tanks cannot be killed by rifles” and I just liked to play as a tank or drive LAVs or other things, to get cool stats for all the games I played as some type of vehicle player. love this game, so I couldn't cheat. If those are the reasons for my prohibition, I think I explained, I believe that a player who argued fiercely with me and therefore hates because of it came to report me or something, this is just a vindictive and illegal report in my head, someone doesn't it's a hack since you were killed by it and you have a higher rating or something, that doesn't allow someone to think that whoever kills you is a cheat, come to think of it, I'm respectful of all of you who want explanations about this ban, but also furious as an honest player who loves bf4 as part of the entertainment of life banned in the wrong way, I hope you can answer me soon about the explanations for my ban, I also request to lift my unfair ban. Respect and thanks.

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Ban Appeal 11 months ago

Soldier Name: Nizhnevartosk

Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile
Have You Claimed Your Soldier: Yes


I've been playing battlefield for 4 years, now I was apparently banned for "using aimbot" which is not the case, I only play with ACW-R and SCAR-H, due to its recoil whenever you shoot the chest ends up climbing just like it happens with the M4 rifle. more on a map as a locker operation and Operation Metro which most clashes are a short distance awa. I don't play BF4 often anymore. I'm currently playing little, because of work, I don't use tricks, bots or anything else. Now that it's seen as abnormal, I don't know what to say and I apologize if it's seen as "cheating", but at that moment banish everyone.

Please ask you to check all the facts about why I was banned and to consider my request to release this ban.

Sincerely hoping for a positive response

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