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Wrongfully ban lifting appeal or request 4 months ago

Dear the admin of bf4bd, I just realized I was banned, my Id is cjjbf3, the reason for my ban is unclear and it’s extremely unfair for me and what I have devoted in the game. I’m an honest player and I’m always a vehicle kinda player, which explains why my accumulated kd is high, but that does not incriminate me: not just because one’s got High kd, one is cheating, I worked so hard to get a better kd when using vehicles, “armored tanks cannot be killed by rifles “ and I simply enjoyed playing as a tank  er or driving LAVs or stuff, that I can get nice stats from every game I played as some type of vehicle player, I love this game thus I couldn’t cheat.               If this is about the red parts on headshots of my d-eagle or m416: while I did co-operate with my friend to get my D-eagle’s attachments unlocked and headshot seems to be an excellent option for that, after that I hadn’t really used my pistol,except one round I used it with couple of kills, Which is not even big enough for the kills I did for unlocking the attachments with a friend. Also if you can find the report of my latest kill of d-eagle that you can probably tell the stats is completely normal. what about the m416 stats? How is 30somthing hskr unacceptable when I barely used the weapon and I had such an low acc, I pretty much loved to spray all over enemies head and I died so quickly when playing infantry, it is not even sufficient since the kills are merely 120 or so. If those are the reasons for my ban, I think I have explained it, I do believe a player who had viciously been in a argument with me and therefore hates because of it had come to report me or something, that’s just revengeful and unlawful report on my head, someone is not a hack since you been killed by him and you have a higher rank or something, that does not entitle someone to think whoever kills him is a cheat, come to think about it, I’m respectful towards all you guys wishing an explanations over this ban, but also furious as a honest player who loves bf4 as a part of entertainment of life banned wrongly, I hope you guys can get back at me soon of the explanations towards my ban, there i also request for lifting my wrongful ban.  respect and thank you- cjjbf3
My personal account details page:https://bf4db.com/player/1057187629

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