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Youtube-Aceultra 11 months ago

vechile aimbot and multihack

1 shot me with aa tank from their spawn with aa 30mm cannon when i was in jet inside my spawn.

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DDOSS BF4 server 9 months ago

If a player uses DDOSS on a bf4 server and makes it crash can bf4db ban the player or not?

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Most common BF4DB reason 11 months ago

If I am allowed to ask what is the most common BF4DB ban reason?

Is it A) Suspicious stats B) Aimbot C) Multihack D) Linked account or E) Fairfight.

if you cant answer to this question it is fine.

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Votebanned player still able to play 1 year ago

Is there any cheat that protects you from a voteban?

Because we just votebanned a cheater X on server X for cheating. He is still there.

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Aimbuttultra 1 year ago

Went with mbt in Shanghai rush in 2 minutes to over 40-0

And I was watching him as tank 2nd gunner he kept snapping enemies to left and right instantantly.

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[GGEZ]ShekelMaker 1 year ago

Killing me instantly after i spawn just killed in action when I ended his killstreak.

Impossible stats

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SirDeZeno 1 year ago

Cant sadly find him with search option in here. This dude was killing players in Flood Zone with m32 MGL when it isnt even available on that map.

Please do something about this player.

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