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Second opinion 5 months ago

I have this in ass whether you block me but I have next opinion. You block people as yours want. Or if account been hacked that you at all don't read all appeal, only you go instant denied this appeal. This is weird. Maybe you be in co-op with hackers?. I'm disappointed on you :/

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Question to admins 2 months ago

Hello admins. 

I don't know where should be this question, so I'm writing here. But to the point: Can you would give me a chance to unban because I'm banned not my fault. I really like play Battlefield 4 (Generally all Battlefield games). And I would like to play again. I promise: you never regret this decision. 



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Opinion about BF4DB 5 months ago

Opinion about you I have  very very bad: 

Be banned out of my fault and after exact explanation denied my appeal. yours rules are (for apologizing) to suck 

My account (and maybe many people) was hacked, I show you my proofs for this that Hacker on my account has been neutralized and that I didn't use hack's. only that yours rules to force to immediately appeal denied. Put on yourselves in the skins people which you banned not their fault. I would advise a little change rules ( my offer: if banned guy say that this is out of his fault only hacker that check him e.g.  what he did that recover his account or ( if you have access to his origin account ) ask him what he had nick's in other games or platforms (in my case other games: Battlefield Heroes + Battlefield Play4Free Platforms: PSN). What if it doesn't adjust that ask him how get some kind of weapon or some moment from game which he had in library. Give people some chance to recover his stats. 

I think that I spoke a little to reason and I think that you consider my opinion

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Ban Appeal 5 months ago

Soldier Name: adamomil 

Link to BF4DB Soldier Profile: 

Clamied Soldier: Yes

Appeal: Hello

My name is Adam, username in BF4DB and Origin is adamomil. I found that my account in BF4 was banned. The truth is that my account has been hacked ( I know , you reject this type of appeal). I have proof that my account was hacked : 

In this link's you can see that there two different nick's. I link also two email's on which you can see that with EA help I recovered my account from hacker hands and also confirms that I'm owner of this account. As you can see the guy who hacked me used forbidden Aimbot, So could you give me the chance to play BF4 again, please.

P.S. Sorry for my English :)

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