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Inquiry About My Recent Un-Ban (HELP) 10 months ago


I have recently appealed to the bf4db servers and have been accepted and unbanned. I was banned for suspicious stats when in reality I was boosting with my Deagle and SW40 to get phantom camo. I provided proof that I was not cheating and my appeal was accepted. My stats on these guns however are still quite high (my headshot to body shot ratio is too high and flags) and I was wondering if I should lower this ratio before I log on again. I didn’t want to log on again in fear of getting auto banned but I’m making this thread to hopefully clear up some confusion.

Thank you

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Ban Appeal 10 months ago

Soldier Name: ThornsHIV Link To BF4DB Soldier Profile: Have You Claimed Your Soldier: Yes Appeal: Hi. I have been recently banned for suspicious stats, and I would like to appeal this as I was not cheating. I believe I was banned because of my headshot kill ratio with the Deagle and the SW40. These guns had skewed stats as I decided to boost with my friend because I wanted the phantom camo. I deeply apologize for this and have realized my mistake, but I was most certainly not cheating. I've had the game for close to a year now and have several hundred hours racked up. Again, I am sorry and will no longer boost. It was a stupid decision. I have included my battle reports proving that I was indeed boosting and not cheating. Also, I would like to know whether I should get my headshot kill ratio lower before logging onto BF4DB servers again? I don't want the anti-cheat to flag me for cheating again. Thank you for helping me and viewing my appeal, my deepest apologies once more.

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